Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dreams Come True

When I was a teenager, I drew a picture for my three major goals.  I honestly have not really thought about it very often since drawing it but decided it would be perfect for today.  My dreams really are coming true--one step at a time!!  And I honestly feel so blessed because together we really are
"Living Our Dream Life" (or at least I am...).

Dream 1: Graduate with my Bachelor's degree from BYU--check.
Dream 2: Marry my best friend in the Salt Lake Temple--check.  (Sidenote... if you will notice my handsome hubby even has on a green bow tie--check.)
And finally Dream 3: Be a Mommy--soon-to-be check.

Now, if you will please look at our baby and the color of the blanket.  My dreams really are coming true--exactly.

It's a BOY!
P.S. My stick figure self portrait skills have an identity crisis.  I have no idea how to draw myself with short hair... LoL! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Value of a Recipe

I have not written very many teaching experiences.  But I thought this one would get some laughs.

The goal for today was that students would understand why recipes are so important and all the different things a recipe requires.  I'm pretty sure I met my teaching goal and I highly doubt many of the students will forget the lesson.

I had everyone get out a piece of paper and write a recipe for a peanut butter sandwich.  Luckily, they are a good class and easily cooperated.  I gave them maybe 5 minutes or so do this.  During that time I went into the lab and got out all the ingredients I needed.  The students had no idea I was doing this because they were in the classroom.  I then came back in and once mostly everyone was finished, I had them put their pencils down and explained that if a pencil was picked up again, they were disqualified.  I then brought everything into the classroom.

One student comes up and reads his recipe exactly.  No changes or speaking clarification could be added--just the recipe as it was written.

Get out 2 slices of bread.  I struggle with the bread sack, was trying to rip it open but didn't want to actually destroy it, attempt the twist tie but that didn't work so I gave up.  The class groaned.

Put the knife in the peanut butter and put some on the bread.  I take the plastic knife and attempt to stab the jar with no success.  So I picked up the jar and placed it on the loaf of bread--since I didn't even have a slice out.  The class screamed--NO you're squishing the bread!!

Put the knife in the jelly and put some on the bread.  Basically the same thing from before.

We talked about the value of a recipe.  The class then told me that no recipes says untwist the bread sack, unscrew the lid, etc and that recipes assume you can do that.  I emphasized that assuming just got us to squished bread but agreed to try the recipe again.

Following the same recipe, the kid basically ended up with a bread sandwich.  I had no idea how much some was.  I told them that I met the requirements for the recipe.  Fortunately the kid was a good sport and was laughing.

So I try a different girl's recipe.

Get out two slices of bread.  Check.

Put a large amount of peanut butter on the bread.  So I used the knife and scooped a fairly large chunk and then just left that glob on one corner of the bread.  The peanut butter had no instructions to spread.  The class again shrieked.

Spread jam on the entire slice of bread.  Can you guess where this is going?  Yup, I literally spread jam on both sides of the bread and the crust.  My hand was sticky.  The class gasped at this because I was wasting food.  The girl thought she had the perfect recipe and about died when her slice of bread was completely covered.

Put bread together and clean up.  The peanut butter stayed up and well, there was jam everywhere.  I do have to say that I liked her cleaning instructions though!

At this point, I talked to them about specifics and clear instructions.  I emphasized that a good recipe should turn out the exact same time no matter who made it.

So I try making one last sandwich.

2 slices of bread.  Check.

Spread 1 t. of Peanut Butter on one side of one piece of bread.  I used a spoon and used my best guess for how much 1 t. really was because I didn't want to go get the measuring spoons out in the other room.  But we were making progress with this recipe.

Spread 1 t. of Jelly on one side of the other piece of bread.  My students are catching on!

Form the sandwich by placing the peanut butter and jelly together.  So I placed it together but made it into an 8 pointed star rather than a normal square sandwich.

Then they had to look at various recipes that had purposefully had different parts missing and identify what was missing.  This is probably on my top favorite list of lessons I have taught because the students learned and we both enjoyed it.  And I doubt it will ever be forgotten.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Car Dies... Calmed by Lavender Oil

Dear Teacher (aka Winter) Fairy,

Your thoughtful gift could not have come at a better time!!  Seriously!  The calming smell of lavender was exactly what I needed yesterday night.  And I never knew that I could rub oil on my feet and it would help me sleep--but it works! :)

My guess is you have probably read my last two facebook status updates but in case you haven't, the reason the essential oils were absolutely amazing last night is because the day was filled with tears.  As I was driving to school, my car started making this klunking noise.  I was listening to Elder Scott's last conference talk about the power of scripture study and I could hear this noise emerging.  I knew something was wrong but started praying instantly that I would be safe and make it to school.  Well, my prayer was answered but I didn't make it to school how I anticipated.

I was driving in the far right lane--which is very unusual for me because normally I try to avoid all the right turners and people thinking there is enough space to turn in front of me, which always results in me having to slow down for their misjudgment.  For whatever reason though, I was in the right lane yesterday morning.  The noise grew louder and then the car just completely turned off.  I knew something was wrong with the engine and luckily I realized that if I stopped, I would not go again.  The car could not have picked a better place to die.  If it would have happened one block earlier, I would have for sure become a traffic hazard on a majorly busy intersection, which could have resulted in being rear ended--who knows.  But where the car died, I was able to turn into a parking lot and steer into a parking place.  It wasn't the best parking job ever because I no longer had power steering but I was in the lines!  I was SO grateful that it didn't die while I was stopped!  There was no way I would have or could have pushed the car because of the baby.

I called my work first.  I was in shock.  Luckily, they were all very kind and said that they would send someone to cover my class and that everything would be fine.  So grateful for their kindness because any other response would have only made the situation worse.  Next called my husband.  His phone wasn't on.  It is times like this when I wished we had a land line so he would know I was calling.  Instead I called my mom and woke her up.  She came to the rescue!  No matter how old I get, I will always need my rescue mommy!  I sat there in my car freezing and crying, just waiting for her to come.  I realized how blessed we are that this didn't happen to Casey yesterday while he was driving on the freeway.  It would have been way worse to deal with!  Again I was grateful that since the car died, at least it picked a good spot to do so!  Finally my mom came, it took awhile for her to get there because traffic was really heavy.  And off we headed toward school.

When I arrived at school, the bell had just barely rang.  I was able to continue on classes like normal.  My classes are seriously amazing this semester--definitely another huge blessing right now.  About half of my classes last semester were trying in every way.  This semester, total opposite story--my students are FABULOUS, quiet, respectful, etc.  I finally talked to Casey at lunch and he was able to come pick me up after school.  The whole day, I was trying so hard not to cry and to just get everything taught/ planned/ prepped/ etc that needed to be.

I came home and cried.  A lot!  I blame the pregnancy hormones for part of this emotional outburst....  And this is where the essential oils came into play.  Thank you teacher fairy for helping me to calm down last night and be able to still go to sleep! :)

By the way: to finish the dead car story, Casey is fairly certain that something is wrong with a gasket.  It will probably cost around $800+ to fix.  We are not sure what we want to do at the moment because the car is almost 30 years old.  We just wonder if this is the beginning of major repairs or if after this one repair it will be good to go.  Casey's brother-in-law was able to help us tow the car yesterday evening.  We were once again deeply blessed because we hit almost every green light between the parking lot at their house.  Our car is sitting on their extra cement pad thing right now until we figure out what to do.  And total cost for the tow--1 Arby's Sandwich.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the car died but the Lord's hand has really been present through this whole ordeal.  We have seen so many blessings already--the biggest one being that both me and the baby are safe!

Monday, January 16, 2012

17 Week Milestones

17 weeks 2 days
Baby Bunny is the size of an onion
  • Morning sickness has let up.  It has been replaced by starvation.  I feel like I eat constantly now.  But on the positive note, I am eating my fruits and veggies again and actually enjoying them.  I also am not only on speaking terms with sugar but rather a first name basis.  Moderation truly is the key here though because too much still makes me sick.  Super greasy things still not working at all.  Have no desire to eat hamburgers--can do ground beef, just not fast food hamburgers!
  • The other teachers (and ward members alike) are speculating and are brave enough to ask me about it now instead of just whispering to each other.  I never made an announcement in faculty meeting
    --maybe I should-- but I have recently "popped."  And it is kind of hard to hide now.  My students still don't know or have a clue.  And 3 of my classes ended with the semester so I will never tell them.  I'm sure they will hear through the grapevine though.  One girl asked me this past Thursday.  I have never seen her before.  I have no idea who she is.  I find it amusing that a random girl would figure it out before my students did.  I'm sure the rumors will spread though.
  • I'm so grateful that maternity clothes are cute and comfortable.  I only wear maternity pants and about half of my shirts.  The other half of my shirt choices are plus sized that I haven't worn since shrinking out of them.
  • My insomnia is under control at the moment.  (knock on wood)  I normally sleep through the night which means I desperately have to go to the bathroom in the morning but I would way take that and get the rest I need!  This is a total miracle and blessing from Heavenly Father, I am absolutely certain and 300% grateful.  I gave up the body pillow.  I figured I might try it again later when I get bigger.  For now, Casey and I share the bed with my slightly large teddy bear.  The bear makes the best cuddle buddy. ;)
  • Casey talks to the baby and kisses my tummy.  When I get random pains, he will always tell the baby to be nice to mommy.  It is really cute.  He also has played flashlight tag with the baby.  No drastic movements so far but I can see this becoming a hobby as the baby starts moving more (and getting more cramped).
  • I am really looking forward to the last Friday of this month.  I'm not sure how detailed the ultra sound is but I hear it is rather extensive.  We will be able to count 10 little toes and see its cute button nose.  The baby better cooperate to find out what "it" is.  If not, we may be playing a game of flashlight tag in the doctor office trying to get it to move. :)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Word Goal

I have been thinking about all my goals and dreams for this new year.  And I have been trying to pick one word to summarize all of them.  Last year my one word goal was HEALTHY.  My whole life which in turn became our whole lives became healthy.

This year I wanted my one word goal to be BABY because it is an easy goal.  But I kept thinking about it and decided that BABY is something more a long the lines of a "to-do" list rather than a "to-be" list.  In many ways you can check off having a baby.  Go to doctors appointments--check.  Get baby stuff--check.  Baby showers--check.  Decorate a nursery, maternity clothes, go to the hospital.  Check, check, check.  So maybe BABY is not the best one word goal for 2012.

As I continued to keep debating my 2012 goal, I thought about the quote by Elder Lynn G. Robbins,
"Many of us create to do lists to remind us of the things we want to accomplish.  But people rarely have to be lists.  Why?  To do's are activities or events that can be checked off the list when done.  To be, however is never done.  You can't earn checkmarks with to be's."  
I need something deeper, something that will help me become more Christlike and something to develop my character... a "to be" rather than a "to do."

After much contemplation I think I have finally decided my 2012 one word goal to be CHERISH.  I really think working on this word has the power to change my nature and guide me to following Christ even more.

CHERISH is defined as (1) to hold or treat as dear; to feel love for, (2) to care for tenderly; nurture, and (3) to cling fondly or inveterately to.

I can CHERISH my time being pregnant and the time remaining with just the two of us.  I can CHERISH my relationship with my husband and help it keep growing even deeper.  I can CHERISH our baby and becoming a mommy.  I can CHERISH my time in the scriptures deepening my conviction.  I can CHERISH my students and all the excitement the new semester is bound to bring.  I can CHERISH my life and health.  I can CHERISH each day and each moment, even the struggles.  I am sure I can find countless other things to CHERISH day in and day out for the entire 2012 year.

So here is to CHERISHING all the 2012 has to offer! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cast Your Vote

I thought it would be kind of fun to start a baby poll guessing game.  Please leave your guess as a comment on here (instead of replying on facebook) because it will be easier compare the guesses once the baby is born.  I'm trying to think of a "prize" for the person who gets the most guesses correct--maybe something from the baby or some yummy treats or we'll see when we get there I guess and how far away the winner is.

1. Boy or Girl?  (Our ultrasound is in exactly TWO weeks!! :D  Make sure to cast your vote soon....)
2. What is the baby's birthdate?  (My actual due date is June 23.)
3. What time is the baby born at?
4. What is the baby's birthweight?
5. What is the baby's length?

Let the guessing begin.... :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Search of a Manger {aka baby furniture}

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, we realized there would be a lot of "things" we would have to buy/find/borrow in order to bring this little one home from the hospital with us.  Diapers and clothes and a car seat and blankets and cute shoes and hair flowers/ bows if its a girl and binkies and furniture.  *gasp*  Has anyone ever checked out the price of baby furniture??  Not cheap my friends... not cheap!

I love, Love, LOVE Elder Neil L. Anderson's General Conference talk from this past October conference called, "Children."  And thinking about the expensive baby furniture required for our little one, the quote,
"In the most beloved story of a baby's birth, there was no decorated nursery or designer crib--only a manger for the Savior of the world."  
Since we want to teach our children to be like Jesus, I guess we are set.  We now only need a manger. ;)  But where do we find one of those??

One day after we spent the morning in the temple, I checked my voicemails as we were driving home.  My mom had called and told me that she found an entire set of baby furniture for free on KSL.  The people were moving and simply didn't want to take it with them.  I called my mom back for details and got the phone number of the owners of the free baby furniture.  I called and she told me that one other person had called and was planning on going to there house to look at it but she would not hold it for anyone.  First come first serve.  I scribble down her address and realize we are close.

After frantically driving and finally finding the home, we anxiously knock on the door wondering if the other people beat us there.  The door opens and to our huge relief we were the first one.  The set included the crib and mattress, changing table, armor (dresser type thing) and a glider rocking chair.   One problem... it was all white.  I didn't really want white furniture because our walls are all white and we can't paint.  Another problem... everything was VERY wobbly.  It wasn't built very well originally.  I was wondering if you could even put a baby on the changing table and not have it collapse.

Casey told me he could rebuild everything and make it stable for our little one and I decided I could live with white.  So this huge expense that I was kind of dreading forking out the dough for was just lifted.  All of our baby furniture was for free!!

Casey has successfully spent the last week or so taking a part and completely rebuilding everything.  (And also heavy duty cleaning/ scrubbing--just to make sure.)  And great news!  Our baby furniture is now clean, stable and ready for the baby.  Well, not really ready for baby yet.  The crib is still in pieces because we have to clean out the baby's room first and we still need sheets and bumpers and etc but for sure a major step forward.  

We truly are so blessed and deeply grateful!

My Handsome carpenter in our "workshop"
normally called bedroom... LoL!
Fixing the foot... one of the last steps for the dresser remodeling
Trial Run. :)
Casey is AMAZING!  This is SO stable now!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Love at First Taste

I am not kidding when I say I have eaten almost zero vegetables for the past 4 months.  Even the thought of eating vegetables or looking at them was more then I could manage.  Once we went out to Subway and I had a meatball sandwich.  I ordered it with spinach and green peppers (pre-pregnancy those were two of my *favorite* vegetables) and needless to say I picked them off after like one bite.

Yesterday while we went out to dinner with my family, I kept staring at the salad and almost drooling.  It looked SO good and for the first time in a very long time, I wanted it so badly.  Then when it came to ordering, I wasn't sure if I really wanted it because vegetables have made me so sick.  Casey reminded me that I thought it looked so good and I just went with it.

Oh my goodness.  Love at first sight.  Love at first taste.  Love at last taste.  That salad was nothing but amazing!!!  And because it was restaurant sized (meaning HUGE), I was able to save about half for lunch again today.  And even though it was slightly wilty, it was still L.O.V.E. with every single bite.

Hopefully this trend continues!  I love that morning sickness is finally letting up and some of my favorite foods are finally appealing again!!!

Also on a similar note--I enjoy eating sugar again too.  This I'm trying to eat within reasonable limits and not go crazy.  Normally I try to limit myself to one treat a day or less--so it forces me to choose wisely instead of just eating everything....  The goal for pregnancy is healthy (not dieting and not pigging)!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Then & Now

The difference of one year!

Our growing Baby Bunny! <3
{The picture on the right was taken today--15.5 weeks pregnant}