Monday, January 16, 2012

17 Week Milestones

17 weeks 2 days
Baby Bunny is the size of an onion
  • Morning sickness has let up.  It has been replaced by starvation.  I feel like I eat constantly now.  But on the positive note, I am eating my fruits and veggies again and actually enjoying them.  I also am not only on speaking terms with sugar but rather a first name basis.  Moderation truly is the key here though because too much still makes me sick.  Super greasy things still not working at all.  Have no desire to eat hamburgers--can do ground beef, just not fast food hamburgers!
  • The other teachers (and ward members alike) are speculating and are brave enough to ask me about it now instead of just whispering to each other.  I never made an announcement in faculty meeting
    --maybe I should-- but I have recently "popped."  And it is kind of hard to hide now.  My students still don't know or have a clue.  And 3 of my classes ended with the semester so I will never tell them.  I'm sure they will hear through the grapevine though.  One girl asked me this past Thursday.  I have never seen her before.  I have no idea who she is.  I find it amusing that a random girl would figure it out before my students did.  I'm sure the rumors will spread though.
  • I'm so grateful that maternity clothes are cute and comfortable.  I only wear maternity pants and about half of my shirts.  The other half of my shirt choices are plus sized that I haven't worn since shrinking out of them.
  • My insomnia is under control at the moment.  (knock on wood)  I normally sleep through the night which means I desperately have to go to the bathroom in the morning but I would way take that and get the rest I need!  This is a total miracle and blessing from Heavenly Father, I am absolutely certain and 300% grateful.  I gave up the body pillow.  I figured I might try it again later when I get bigger.  For now, Casey and I share the bed with my slightly large teddy bear.  The bear makes the best cuddle buddy. ;)
  • Casey talks to the baby and kisses my tummy.  When I get random pains, he will always tell the baby to be nice to mommy.  It is really cute.  He also has played flashlight tag with the baby.  No drastic movements so far but I can see this becoming a hobby as the baby starts moving more (and getting more cramped).
  • I am really looking forward to the last Friday of this month.  I'm not sure how detailed the ultra sound is but I hear it is rather extensive.  We will be able to count 10 little toes and see its cute button nose.  The baby better cooperate to find out what "it" is.  If not, we may be playing a game of flashlight tag in the doctor office trying to get it to move. :)


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