Saturday, January 21, 2012

Car Dies... Calmed by Lavender Oil

Dear Teacher (aka Winter) Fairy,

Your thoughtful gift could not have come at a better time!!  Seriously!  The calming smell of lavender was exactly what I needed yesterday night.  And I never knew that I could rub oil on my feet and it would help me sleep--but it works! :)

My guess is you have probably read my last two facebook status updates but in case you haven't, the reason the essential oils were absolutely amazing last night is because the day was filled with tears.  As I was driving to school, my car started making this klunking noise.  I was listening to Elder Scott's last conference talk about the power of scripture study and I could hear this noise emerging.  I knew something was wrong but started praying instantly that I would be safe and make it to school.  Well, my prayer was answered but I didn't make it to school how I anticipated.

I was driving in the far right lane--which is very unusual for me because normally I try to avoid all the right turners and people thinking there is enough space to turn in front of me, which always results in me having to slow down for their misjudgment.  For whatever reason though, I was in the right lane yesterday morning.  The noise grew louder and then the car just completely turned off.  I knew something was wrong with the engine and luckily I realized that if I stopped, I would not go again.  The car could not have picked a better place to die.  If it would have happened one block earlier, I would have for sure become a traffic hazard on a majorly busy intersection, which could have resulted in being rear ended--who knows.  But where the car died, I was able to turn into a parking lot and steer into a parking place.  It wasn't the best parking job ever because I no longer had power steering but I was in the lines!  I was SO grateful that it didn't die while I was stopped!  There was no way I would have or could have pushed the car because of the baby.

I called my work first.  I was in shock.  Luckily, they were all very kind and said that they would send someone to cover my class and that everything would be fine.  So grateful for their kindness because any other response would have only made the situation worse.  Next called my husband.  His phone wasn't on.  It is times like this when I wished we had a land line so he would know I was calling.  Instead I called my mom and woke her up.  She came to the rescue!  No matter how old I get, I will always need my rescue mommy!  I sat there in my car freezing and crying, just waiting for her to come.  I realized how blessed we are that this didn't happen to Casey yesterday while he was driving on the freeway.  It would have been way worse to deal with!  Again I was grateful that since the car died, at least it picked a good spot to do so!  Finally my mom came, it took awhile for her to get there because traffic was really heavy.  And off we headed toward school.

When I arrived at school, the bell had just barely rang.  I was able to continue on classes like normal.  My classes are seriously amazing this semester--definitely another huge blessing right now.  About half of my classes last semester were trying in every way.  This semester, total opposite story--my students are FABULOUS, quiet, respectful, etc.  I finally talked to Casey at lunch and he was able to come pick me up after school.  The whole day, I was trying so hard not to cry and to just get everything taught/ planned/ prepped/ etc that needed to be.

I came home and cried.  A lot!  I blame the pregnancy hormones for part of this emotional outburst....  And this is where the essential oils came into play.  Thank you teacher fairy for helping me to calm down last night and be able to still go to sleep! :)

By the way: to finish the dead car story, Casey is fairly certain that something is wrong with a gasket.  It will probably cost around $800+ to fix.  We are not sure what we want to do at the moment because the car is almost 30 years old.  We just wonder if this is the beginning of major repairs or if after this one repair it will be good to go.  Casey's brother-in-law was able to help us tow the car yesterday evening.  We were once again deeply blessed because we hit almost every green light between the parking lot at their house.  Our car is sitting on their extra cement pad thing right now until we figure out what to do.  And total cost for the tow--1 Arby's Sandwich.

Yes, it is unfortunate that the car died but the Lord's hand has really been present through this whole ordeal.  We have seen so many blessings already--the biggest one being that both me and the baby are safe!


Becky said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so glad your momma lives close enough to save you! Mine lives six hours away :(

That's an awful way to start the day, but I'm so happy you and baby are ok. The car situation will work itself out. I'll be praying for you.

Love and hugs, be safe!

Celia Lindsell said...

Cars breaking down at anytime is a nightmare, you poor thing, especially while pregnant. Yes Lavender oil is a wonderful relaxant. I am glad you have discovered it. You can find out much more about all the properties of lavender oil from my site