Monday, February 27, 2012

The Princess and the Pea

I thought I would share our setup of The Princess and the Pea. My poor aching hips needed relief and it was suggested on Facebook to make the bed softer. So Casey gave up the memory foam topper (which he actually was not the biggest fan of anyway) and he folded it in half and then he arranged our comforter on top of the topper. Finally, he wrapped it up in a sheet so it would still "feel like a bed." For the past three nights, my princess experience has helped me sleep much better! Now my hips only slightly ache instead of constant stabbing pain.

The arrangement isn't perfect though...

Problems: (1) Cuddling is no longer an option! I am a good five inches if not more taller than Casey. (2) I only get half the bed. Casey is probably sending silent cheers for this but because of the size of the memory foam topper when folded in half, my space just became severely limited. (3) Rolling over is now more of an event and requires me to wake up and flip rather than something I can just do in my sleep.

Overall though, I love being treated like a princess! :)


Friday, February 24, 2012


Life has been happening. I {one} can't believe that February is almost over and {two} am so excited that it went by so quickly. Summer break and Baby Bunny will both be here in another blink of an eye! Since it has been a little while... here is some random tidbits into our lives at the moment.

*Struggling to sleep without my hips hurting. Attempted to use the body pillow again last night and that was an improvement sort of because it helped my top hip not hurt but the one I'm laying instill ached. The hurting hips is interfering with my sleep because the pain wakes me up. I can't wait until I can sleep spread eagle on my stomach again! :) But until then... Does anyone have suggestions to help me cherish this time with our dear little one during the night? Any advice for hip pain is welcome!

*So here is the trend with my hands... They start to get super dry and rashy and hurt. I notice them and put lotion. Lotion stings so I wipe it off. About the only thing I can use is udder ointment when they are the so dry they are at the rashy thing. Hands start improving. I forget to put lotion on. I continue with my wash and sanitize about a million times a day for labs. Eventually my hands start getting red again. Somehow, I need to stop this trend.

*Walking consistently almost everyday. Nothing hard core or early morning for this girl anymore. But I figure speed walking is better than nothing.

*Casey took me out to dinner earlier this week. I was exhausted after speed walking for over an hour. We went to Mimi's Cafe, shared one entree and had leftovers. Plus using a coupon... not too shabby of an outing for 3 servings. I was just SO thankful for his agreeing to go out to eat based on 100% exhaustion.

*The living room is now more crowded. Casey insists its more cozy. I'm just grateful for a huge living room to accommodate our over sized couches, chunky TV, and now office/ sewing room. One good plus note is we now spend most of our time together in the same room at least! The baby's room is basically unassembled at the moment.

*Casey had the opportunity to volunteer in a soup kitchen type of deal earlier this week. He got to pull cooked chicken.

*Still working on the nursing cover. I wanted it to look different than normal. So it takes longer to sew. But, I finished the stuff bag for the cover. My list of sewing projects to start and finish seems to be mass multiplying. ;)

*Began studying for the Praxis II PLT today. I can't take it in March and the April option is out as well because I get to go to a cousin's wedding the day it is offered. And I'm not really thinking June is going to be an option. (But, then again, I did take the Praxis I only one week before my wedding and passed... maybe I could have the same story with a week before the baby came. The only problem is I can not plan for certain what day the baby is coming.) so basically, I won't be taking it until next school year. But my district had a free in service meeting today. And then they are going to send me to an all day tutor session in April. Totally going to rock this test next fall!

*The other day one of my students walked up to me with his hands stretched out. I side stepped his reach and told him not to touch me. "I wasn't going to touch you, Mrs. (last name), I was going to touch the baby!" Uh, no. I draw the line to having my students touching my stomach all day.

I can't think of many more updates to share. Stay tuned though because in our ever busy and changing lives, I'm sure there will be more to come. Happy Weekend Friends! :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks, 1 day
Baby Bunny is the size of Spaghetti Squash

  • My students loved seeing me wear the shirt pictured above this week.  At least the 8th grade girls did!  They thought my baby bump was so cute.  Honestly, Baby Bunny is slightly difficult to hide now but some shirts definitely make him stand out more than others.
  • Experienced the stomach flu this past week.  Learned a great deal about survival.  Being sick is no fun.  But being sick and pregnant = miserable.  The poor baby was hungry and thirsty so he kicked a lot that whole day.  The more he kicked the more my stomach would hurt and therefore could not keep anything in.  It was quite the cycle we went through.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood blessing my husband and home teacher gave me.  I started perking up and was smiling immediately after they finished.  I am also a huge fan of Pedialyte now!
  • We took a stroll through Buy Buy Baby (such a DUMB name for a store!!) and I found the nursery set that I love!  Unfortunately, the store is not called Cheap Cheap Baby.  I am hoping to find the same thing at a more affordable price somewhere else.
  • I am currently working (still) on reconstructing a hippo sized school shirt into a maternity shirt.  I cut off the sleeves, took in the shoulders and underarms greatly, altered the sleeves.  Everything is pinned together--I just need to get out my sewing machine and finish it.  I am also going to add elastic/ gather up the sides a little bit.  I know that sounds like a lot of work still but it is almost done.  The sewing will be the easy part--the altering and cutting took forever!  I need to finish this though because all of my other school shirts are too small....
  • Still can't figure out how to sleep with a body pillow.  I can't move when I try.  And when I can't move, basically that means I can't sleep.  We will see when I get bigger but for now, my slightly large but not huge teddy bear is working out pretty well.  One night, I had the body pillow and my teddy bear (along with our two regular pillows, two adults and one Baby Bunny) in the bed.  Casey woke up that morning and realized why he was practically falling off the edge.
  • Made a to-do list of everything that is stressing me out that I want to get done.  It helps having it on paper instead of my head.  Holy cow though... it sure is a long list!  FOUR months to go!! :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreaming of Gold

On February 13th, my school had the chance to hear from Derek Parra. The name meant absolutely nothing to my students. Most of my students were between the ages of 1-4 when he was an Olympic speed skater in the 2002 games. I remember getting his autograph when I was my students age. He was a great motivational speaker and the kids all loved listening to him!

He passed around his medals. All of the teachers were so shocked and nervous that something would happen to them. The kids loved touching them and being able to have a small part of Olympic history in their hands. I only got to see the gold medal. And let me just say that it was heavy. Seriously! I mean it makes sense that it was heavy, it is gold after all. But it weighed more than I would have guessed.

Obviously the medals meant a lot to Derek. But they were still just pieces of metal. He is really humble and totally relatable. He encouraged everyone to reach for their dreams no matter what circumstances you come from. He grew up very poor and had to save every penny just for the chance to be able to go roller skating once a week. Once he started roller skating training, he ran out of money and was grateful to find a job at McDonald's in the super early morning hours. At this time, he also ran out of food and survived on things that McDonald's would throw away that were cold.

After 9/11, his whole life turned upside down. He was thinking of withdrawing from the Olympics because there was more to life than just games. I can't remember what convinced him into staying and competing because watching what happened in New York really challenged his reason for doing things. If you remember, he was one of the 8 athletes that was chosen to carry the trade center flag into the opening ceremony. (My guess as to why he was chosen is because everyone knew how much the attack affected him.) He said that was a moment he will always cherish. As he was getting ready to go, they were told to expect extreme screaming and cheering. But the exact opposite happened, it was so silent you could hear a pin drop he said. The respect and reverence for that flag, meant more to him than he could explain and was probably one of the most spiritual experiences he thought he had ever been a part of.

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. He was wearing all black and there were black curtains--fantastic combo. LoL! He is in the bottom left corner. On the projector screen was him standing on the podium for his gold medal. He showed a clip to the kids. The medals are in one of the assistant principals hands. When they got to me, it was time for the assembly to end. I followed him out into the hall and quickly took a picture. :)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

They Don't Know What I Don't Teach

Oh man did I realize how true this statement really is last week. I was cooking with my 7th graders. Before we went into the lab, I explained every part of the recipe (or at least I thought) and we were finally able to move into the lab. The students were so excited!! And I really enjoy the cooking section too!

This day I had my class working on two labs--two very simple labs that is. Cheese enchiladas (in the microwave) and cake mix cookies. Both labs only had 3-4 ingredients each. The students were working together and talking quietly. Everyone was staying in their assigned kitchen. They were washing dishes as they were going. My room was starting to smell amazing from the sweetness of the cookies. Life was going good.

Then one of my students came up to me and asked "What do we do with the extra cookie dough?"
"Um why do you have extras?"
"Well, you told us we needed to bring 2 cookies up to you for the other teachers and then we only have 4 people. So we only made 6 cookies."
"How long have the cookies been in the oven?" {hoping that she is going to say less than a minute and they were asking me about this as soon as they realized there was extras}
"Oh they are almost done Mrs. {last name} We think maybe a minute or two but will you come check them please?"
I look at my watch. Time sure does have a way of escaping while we are in the lab. The clean up bell is going to ring in just a few minutes. There is not time to bake the rest of the cookies. And I didn't know what to do with all the extra cookie dough... so in the trash it went.

The students were totally happy eating just their one cookie. I just felt bad because I assumed they would make the entire batch. I taught them how to drop by tablespoons and how to spray the cookie sheet and I thought everything they needed to know while cooking. But... the students really don't know what I don't teach them! And I didn't mention anything about using the whole amount of dough or figuring out a way to divide the cookies as equally as possible between your lab members. Lesson learned: (1) I'm grateful they we following my instructions exactly and (2) assume the kids know absolutely nothing and go from there.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Questionnaire

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
Well... we have been best friends since the start of 9th grade (Fall 2002).  We were never dating throughout our teen years but sure talked A LOT and went places together.  Officially we started dating in July 2009 and were married for eternity in November 2009.  So depending on which date you choose as "together" would determine the answer.  LoL!

2. How did you meet?  What is your "love" story?
We met at the end of 8th grade.  We had several classes together that year.  Over the summer we talked on the phone occasionally and then in when school started again, we had lots of classes again and we purposely joined the same clubs/ activities to be able to be together.  We would talk on the phone several times a week for hours on end the rest of junior high and high school.  Our poor parents/ siblings--no one could ever call into our houses because the lines were always busy.

3. If married, how long have you been married?
November 21, 2009 <3 (2.25 years--eternity to go)

4. If you are married, where did you get married at?  Big or small wedding?
Salt Lake Temple. Um... I don't know if it was big or small.  It seemed normal to me but I really have no idea of what to compare it to.  Probably in between the two.

5. Do you have any nicknames you call each other?
Honey Bunny

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
*I can talk to him about everything and know he will always listen.
*He sends love notes with me to school and gives the best hugs and kisses when I get home.
*He is worthy to hold the Priesthood and takes me to the temple regularly.

7. Tell us how he proposed.  (Or your ideal proposal.)
He took me back to the first place we went on a date after his mission and pretended to have a picnic for us and a super heavy cooler.  Inside the cooler though were beautiful roses and the ring was tied on with ribbon. We then went out to eat to our special restaurant--The Old Spaghetti Factory.

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear type of a guy for Valentines or a strawberries, Martinelli's and rose petals?
Um.  Neither.  He would probably be a card and romantic dinner type of a person.

9. Is she a sunset dinner on the beach type of a girl or a pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
For sure the dinner on the beach.  Too bad there aren't really any beaches here.  But I love going out for date nights.  Staying home to me is "family time" not "date time."  (Don't get me wrong--I do love family time too.  But dating requires stepping out of the normal day to day routine.)

10. Tell us one thing you would love to do with your significant other someday--if you could go anywhere or do anything.
I have always dreamed of going to Australia.  I know he really wants to go to Rome.  Maybe we could take one super extended vacation and visit both. :)

11. What do you plan on doing this year on Valentine's Day?
I get to go to school and then stay at school till really late for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Casey has classes to attend to.  I'm not thinking we will be doing much on Valentine's Day itself--bad scheduling!  But hopefully later that week we can go somewhere sweet and sentimental and romantic!

12. Are you asking for anything for Valentine's Day?
Not really.  Valentine's is not really a holiday where I write a wish list.  It means more when Casey just does something sweet without me having to tell him.  I know I will love whatever he does for me/ we do together!

13. What is one piece of advice to keep a relationship strong and full love?
Remember that the only person you can change is you.

14. Show us a picture of what love means to you.
I couldn't choose just one... LoL!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shooting Stars

I remember some years ago while I was at girls camp and we would be out star gazing.  One girl would call out, "I saw a shooting star!"  And then the rest of us would all turn and look in the direction the shooting star was spotted--only to be disappointed as someone else called out they just saw one in a different direction.  And so we would turn again.  If you looked down or at the wrong part of the sky for even just one second, it seemed you would always miss the shooting stars.

I was kind of beginning to feel like this with Casey feeling Baby Bunny.  Baby Bunny would be kicking away and I would tell Casey.  He would come put his hand on my tummy and instantly Baby Bunny would become very shy and stop kicking.  (This however worked great at night when we would try to calm down Baby Bunny so we could all sleep!)  Later, we would try again.  Casey feeling the baby was definitely turning into a shooting star experience.

On Sunday night, Baby Bunny was kicking up a storm.  I told Casey and like always Baby Bunny stopped.  But we tricked Baby Bunny.  Casey kept his hand on my stomach for a long time.  Finally instead of just constantly turning to one part of the sky or the other, we would just keep staring at the same section to wait for the shooting star.  It worked!  Baby Bunny started kicking again and Casey was able to feel of his love.  And hopefully in the future, we will be able to share more shooting star --baby kicking-- experiences!  (Though, it would be nice if Baby Bunny would still --and hopefully always-- calm down at night when Casey "puts him to bed".)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wiggle Worm

Dear Baby Bunny,

Last night we went on a date to watch a University of Utah gymnastics meet.  I got free tickets from school.  You sure seemed to enjoy it!!  (Though don't get to used to the idea of tagging along during date nights--that will be your special time to play with a babysitter.)  But I'm pretty sure you had your own gymnastics meet the entire time we were watching.  I could feel you flipping and kicking and bouncing and spinning.  I'm glad to know you are doing well and alive and healthy.  You sure wore me out though Mr. Wiggle Worm.

When we got home, I was very tired.  But you were ready for a second match of gymnastics.  I thought Daddy might be able to finally feel you kick but that didn't work so well either because when he told you "Mommy needs sleep" and that it was time for you to catch some zzzz's too, you calmed right down.  Thanks for letting me sleep through the night!  You are the best Baby Bunny.  And as long as you keep up your wiggle worm during the day and sleeping during the night, I will be one very happy Mommy!

Keeping wiggling my little one.  It is your own little way of saying "I Love You Mommy."  I love you too!!  And if you so desire, Daddy would love to share in the love.

Photobucket (aka Mommy to you my darling Baby Bunny)