Sunday, February 19, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks, 1 day
Baby Bunny is the size of Spaghetti Squash

  • My students loved seeing me wear the shirt pictured above this week.  At least the 8th grade girls did!  They thought my baby bump was so cute.  Honestly, Baby Bunny is slightly difficult to hide now but some shirts definitely make him stand out more than others.
  • Experienced the stomach flu this past week.  Learned a great deal about survival.  Being sick is no fun.  But being sick and pregnant = miserable.  The poor baby was hungry and thirsty so he kicked a lot that whole day.  The more he kicked the more my stomach would hurt and therefore could not keep anything in.  It was quite the cycle we went through.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood blessing my husband and home teacher gave me.  I started perking up and was smiling immediately after they finished.  I am also a huge fan of Pedialyte now!
  • We took a stroll through Buy Buy Baby (such a DUMB name for a store!!) and I found the nursery set that I love!  Unfortunately, the store is not called Cheap Cheap Baby.  I am hoping to find the same thing at a more affordable price somewhere else.
  • I am currently working (still) on reconstructing a hippo sized school shirt into a maternity shirt.  I cut off the sleeves, took in the shoulders and underarms greatly, altered the sleeves.  Everything is pinned together--I just need to get out my sewing machine and finish it.  I am also going to add elastic/ gather up the sides a little bit.  I know that sounds like a lot of work still but it is almost done.  The sewing will be the easy part--the altering and cutting took forever!  I need to finish this though because all of my other school shirts are too small....
  • Still can't figure out how to sleep with a body pillow.  I can't move when I try.  And when I can't move, basically that means I can't sleep.  We will see when I get bigger but for now, my slightly large but not huge teddy bear is working out pretty well.  One night, I had the body pillow and my teddy bear (along with our two regular pillows, two adults and one Baby Bunny) in the bed.  Casey woke up that morning and realized why he was practically falling off the edge.
  • Made a to-do list of everything that is stressing me out that I want to get done.  It helps having it on paper instead of my head.  Holy cow though... it sure is a long list!  FOUR months to go!! :)


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Jaron and Kellie Holt Family said...

Lisa!!!! I think you look amazing!!!!!! You're a beautiful inspiration!! I'm very excited for you and cousin Gus.... er I mean Casey.... LOL! Anyway, I think you guys will be wonderful parents. Just remember that no one said it would be easy, however, they never say it isn't cute either. You will one day realize that children may make you so tired, frustrated and angry with everything in the world, but then they will do something that will make you so happy to have them around. I hope you guys are doing well. Let Jaron and I know if there is anything we can do to help!!!!! Love you guys! Kellie