Monday, February 27, 2012

The Princess and the Pea

I thought I would share our setup of The Princess and the Pea. My poor aching hips needed relief and it was suggested on Facebook to make the bed softer. So Casey gave up the memory foam topper (which he actually was not the biggest fan of anyway) and he folded it in half and then he arranged our comforter on top of the topper. Finally, he wrapped it up in a sheet so it would still "feel like a bed." For the past three nights, my princess experience has helped me sleep much better! Now my hips only slightly ache instead of constant stabbing pain.

The arrangement isn't perfect though...

Problems: (1) Cuddling is no longer an option! I am a good five inches if not more taller than Casey. (2) I only get half the bed. Casey is probably sending silent cheers for this but because of the size of the memory foam topper when folded in half, my space just became severely limited. (3) Rolling over is now more of an event and requires me to wake up and flip rather than something I can just do in my sleep.

Overall though, I love being treated like a princess! :)


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