Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shooting Stars

I remember some years ago while I was at girls camp and we would be out star gazing.  One girl would call out, "I saw a shooting star!"  And then the rest of us would all turn and look in the direction the shooting star was spotted--only to be disappointed as someone else called out they just saw one in a different direction.  And so we would turn again.  If you looked down or at the wrong part of the sky for even just one second, it seemed you would always miss the shooting stars.

I was kind of beginning to feel like this with Casey feeling Baby Bunny.  Baby Bunny would be kicking away and I would tell Casey.  He would come put his hand on my tummy and instantly Baby Bunny would become very shy and stop kicking.  (This however worked great at night when we would try to calm down Baby Bunny so we could all sleep!)  Later, we would try again.  Casey feeling the baby was definitely turning into a shooting star experience.

On Sunday night, Baby Bunny was kicking up a storm.  I told Casey and like always Baby Bunny stopped.  But we tricked Baby Bunny.  Casey kept his hand on my stomach for a long time.  Finally instead of just constantly turning to one part of the sky or the other, we would just keep staring at the same section to wait for the shooting star.  It worked!  Baby Bunny started kicking again and Casey was able to feel of his love.  And hopefully in the future, we will be able to share more shooting star --baby kicking-- experiences!  (Though, it would be nice if Baby Bunny would still --and hopefully always-- calm down at night when Casey "puts him to bed".)

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