Friday, February 24, 2012


Life has been happening. I {one} can't believe that February is almost over and {two} am so excited that it went by so quickly. Summer break and Baby Bunny will both be here in another blink of an eye! Since it has been a little while... here is some random tidbits into our lives at the moment.

*Struggling to sleep without my hips hurting. Attempted to use the body pillow again last night and that was an improvement sort of because it helped my top hip not hurt but the one I'm laying instill ached. The hurting hips is interfering with my sleep because the pain wakes me up. I can't wait until I can sleep spread eagle on my stomach again! :) But until then... Does anyone have suggestions to help me cherish this time with our dear little one during the night? Any advice for hip pain is welcome!

*So here is the trend with my hands... They start to get super dry and rashy and hurt. I notice them and put lotion. Lotion stings so I wipe it off. About the only thing I can use is udder ointment when they are the so dry they are at the rashy thing. Hands start improving. I forget to put lotion on. I continue with my wash and sanitize about a million times a day for labs. Eventually my hands start getting red again. Somehow, I need to stop this trend.

*Walking consistently almost everyday. Nothing hard core or early morning for this girl anymore. But I figure speed walking is better than nothing.

*Casey took me out to dinner earlier this week. I was exhausted after speed walking for over an hour. We went to Mimi's Cafe, shared one entree and had leftovers. Plus using a coupon... not too shabby of an outing for 3 servings. I was just SO thankful for his agreeing to go out to eat based on 100% exhaustion.

*The living room is now more crowded. Casey insists its more cozy. I'm just grateful for a huge living room to accommodate our over sized couches, chunky TV, and now office/ sewing room. One good plus note is we now spend most of our time together in the same room at least! The baby's room is basically unassembled at the moment.

*Casey had the opportunity to volunteer in a soup kitchen type of deal earlier this week. He got to pull cooked chicken.

*Still working on the nursing cover. I wanted it to look different than normal. So it takes longer to sew. But, I finished the stuff bag for the cover. My list of sewing projects to start and finish seems to be mass multiplying. ;)

*Began studying for the Praxis II PLT today. I can't take it in March and the April option is out as well because I get to go to a cousin's wedding the day it is offered. And I'm not really thinking June is going to be an option. (But, then again, I did take the Praxis I only one week before my wedding and passed... maybe I could have the same story with a week before the baby came. The only problem is I can not plan for certain what day the baby is coming.) so basically, I won't be taking it until next school year. But my district had a free in service meeting today. And then they are going to send me to an all day tutor session in April. Totally going to rock this test next fall!

*The other day one of my students walked up to me with his hands stretched out. I side stepped his reach and told him not to touch me. "I wasn't going to touch you, Mrs. (last name), I was going to touch the baby!" Uh, no. I draw the line to having my students touching my stomach all day.

I can't think of many more updates to share. Stay tuned though because in our ever busy and changing lives, I'm sure there will be more to come. Happy Weekend Friends! :)


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