Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Student Comments

To be honest, I am not 100% sure as to what happened today. I have never had so many random off topic questions before.

With my 7th graders while talking about stress:
*One girl raises her hand, I call on her. "Are you Mormon?" Another student blurts out that she thought I was. I refocus the class and move on, avoiding the question.

*Later a boy at a different table, raises his hand but does not wait to be called on. "Ms. (teacher), are you married?" A different boy calls out before I even had time to understand the question let alone formulate an answer. "She obviously is duh--look at her finger!" First boy: "Why would I stare at teacher's fingers? That is just weird." I have to do everything in my power to not bust up laughing at their conversation. I simply told him I was and then brushed it off.

*While we were taking a stress test together, "Mrs. (teacher) are you taking this test honestly or just always marking no?" This time, no one answers for me but everyone wants to know the answer. BTW: the more Yeses you mark, the more stressed out you are. "I am taking it truthfully. I have learned to not be totally stressed out because the only thing I accomplish is adding more stress to my life." (I wanted to add 'I teach at a junior high school. You have to be a patient person in order to put up with all you guys put me through...' But I didn't. Probably for the best...)

With my 9th graders while cooking German Pancakes:
*"Mrs. (teacher) do you ever feel like you are going to fall forward because the baby weighs too much?" No.

*"Do you ever put your headphones on your stomache for the baby to listen to music?" No, I have not tried that. "Can we try it right now?" Um no, but thanks for asking.

*"Can you honestly feel the baby or is it just gas or wishful thinking?" It is definitely real and not just my imagination. "Can I feel him right now?" No, he is sleeping AND I am not a petting zoo.

With my 8th graders while teaching them about the requirements for their pillowcases:
*"You should make a pillow for your baby while we make ours so he will be comfy when he is born." I just ignored that comment because I didn't want to take the time to explain that babies don't sleep with pillows. I could already tell it would have been a long discussion.

The 7th grade comments were the best but they were all classic in their own way. I'm pretty sure the excitement of SPRING BREAK must have hit. We are all excited for no school next week. But I can only wonder what comments will come tomorrow as their attention span dwindles even more. :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Learning Your Love Language {FHE Idea}

We had this Family Home Evening this past week.  It works well for a couple but would totally work for families with children as well.  We both enjoyed it and learned a lot from it that I thought it was worth sharing! :)

Song: "I Love to See the Temple" (Primary Songbook page 95)
Opening Prayer:
Scripture: Jacob 3:7 (the first half is great! You could probably find a better scripture if you looked though...)
Lesson: I read the section about Love from True to the Faith.  And then because it is still just the two of us (two and a half of us?? LoL!), I also read the first two paragraphs and the last section called "Achieving a Happy Marriage" from Marriage in True to the Faith.
Application: (This was the best part of the lesson!!) We each went to and took the assessment.  We took it separately--but at the same time and then talked about our results afterwards.  This would also work for children because there is a quiz for kids as well.  For those of you that have never heard about the Love Languages, Gary Chapman has written several books about how we each feel love in a different "language."  You have to learn to speak the language of your spouse/ children in order for them to feel loved.  It really is interesting to see how the other person feels loved because then I can purposefully do things that say "I Love You" for Casey and he can do the same for me.
Song: "Love at Home" (Hymn number 294)
Closing Prayer:
Treat: I just made pistachio pudding and then we had bananas on top--sounds strange but it was delicious and healthy!  I was thinking it would be fun to make your spouse's favorite treat or possibly something heart shaped (look at this website for "love" shaped food ideas).
Activity: After learning each other's (children's) love languages--do something together that shows the love.  Generally most people have different love languages so for 5-10 minutes or so, the wife can do something to show love in her husband's language and then switch.
P.S. If you are curious about what our love languages are, check back soon.  I will write another post about that later! :)  And, I just wanted to add that throughout this week, we have been working hard on continuing to speak our spouse's love language.  It has been a wonderful week and one that will hopefully continue forever! :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brightened by the Teacher Fairy

Without making this post become a complaining fest, allow me just to say that school make up days are definitely NOT my favorite!  It is hard work on the teacher's part (and sometimes boring).

Today I was on a more boring assignment--crowd control.  I was stationed in the hallway to keep kids in rooms and not allow escapees.  Thrilling job.  I couldn't really do anything though because every 30 seconds or so, I would catch another kid and send them back to their room or keep them in the movie.  I thought I might be able to read on my iPad.  Wrong because it was constant asking kids where they were going and having them go back to where they belonged.

My long day found a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope.  Thank you so much Teacher Fairy for saving me from the constant hallway routine!!!  The violets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I'm excited to (hopefully) keep them alive and watch them grow! :)  And... AND, allow me just to say that the Cadbury Mini Eggs are my *FAVORITE*!!!  Seriously!  I do not like the normal Cadbury creme egg but these... well words can't express but... these are A.Mazing!  And exactly what I needed on a super long, babysitting type day.  Thank you Teacher Fairy for giving my day a little sparkle--it definitely did brighten my spirits!  (I was smiling and skipping around the hallway after that for a bit... LoL!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Protecting Baby Bunny from the Mob

Baby Bunny almost got into a fight today. Wait... let me rephrase that. Baby Bunny almost got beat up today. I intervened and yelled at students. Allow me to explain the whole situation.

At my school, the last few days before the quarter ends, we have school wide make up days. All of the students that are passing all of their classes are given a wristband and then shuffled around to various activities. Tomorrow all of the wristband students will go on a field trip to a local indoor amusement park. It is a small facility but the kids are all super excited! However, if you are failing even one class, you get to spend the day in a computer lab working on making it up.

All of the teachers are stationed to random different places. Sometimes we are assigned to a specific labs to help with remediation and sometimes we are assigned to a reward activity. Today I was assigned to a reward and even better, I was assigned to my own classroom. I decided to make microwave cake for my reward activity. It was fast and easy. And I thought the students would enjoy it.

That was an understatement! I would only allow so many kids in my room at a time and then turn away the others telling them to come back on the next rotation. Well, they began to push and shove and fight there way through trying to get in. Even with two adults, and us trying to keep the herd of cows children in a line against the lockers, it was sometimes more chaotic than I could handle.

Right after lunch was the worst! The crowd of people was SO large outside my door there was no way to get them into a nice neat single file line. I tried to get them to back up so I could open the door. That worked for about as long as it takes to unlock the door and open it. And then... then they all started pushing and shoving each other as well as me.

The phrase "Mass Chaos" doesn't even do justice. The kids were pushing me and doing whatever they could to get in to make cake. Once I started getting pushed and Baby Bunny was in jeopardy of being attacked that is when I yelled at the students.

I demanded that everyone back up and stop pushing me. The hallway was super loud and no one could hear me so I shouted/ yelled again to get them to back up and stop pushing me. (Maybe I should have required that they stopped pushing everyone but at that point we were down to survival of the fittest and I was way more concerned about Baby Bunny being trampled and not so stressed about them.) I heard a kid shout that they just wanted to make sure they got in because my room filled up so fast and that they were not going to back up.


What do I do?!

I saw a different teacher walking by at that point and realized I could shout her name to help protect me. But then some girl spoke up. Who the girl is, I have no idea but she is for sure one of my favorite (mystery) students now.

She shouted at the herd to scoot back because I was pregnant and I needed room.

Everyone reluctantly retreated about 3 steps. Not much but enough space for Baby Bunny to be safe.

I continued to count off students until my room was full and then sent away several disappointed students to a different "craft" activity with the hope of maybe being able to make it in my room the next rotation.

Don't worry Baby Bunny, I will protect you!! Even if it is from a mob of students whom I mostly don't even know.


P.S. Another funny moment today... (not related to my mob experience). One girl walks up to me while everyone was cleaning. She asked for permission to touch my stomache.

Um, no but thanks for asking.

Why not? I want to say hi to the baby.

Uh, no. It's weird and I don't want to be touched.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amish Friendship Bread

While I was visiting teaching a dear friend last month, we ended up chattering away about Amish Friendship Bread.  Neither of us had eaten/ made it for a very long time.  I honestly think I was in junior high or so and my mom wasn't the biggest fan because it had to sit out on the counter for so long.  And it takes a lot of work to keep up with the thing because most recipes make it sit out for 10 days and then you have to stir or add something to it every day.

I found a much easier recipe that doesn't require the 10 day sitting thing (only a few).  And it doesn't smell nearly as bad--it didn't bother my husband at all.  I could still smell it though... thank you Baby Bunny.  It was delicious and did not last long at our home. :)

BTW: I could not stand the thought of that much oil--I used applesauce.  I did use regular sugar--I had no idea if splenda would work or not.

First you have to make the starter.

1 pkg (2 1/4 t.) yeast
1 c. warm water
1 c. flour
1 c. sugar

Dissolve the yeast in warm water in a mixing bowl.  (It can NOT be metal!)  Let stand for 10 minutes.  Whisk in flour and sugar until smooth.  Measure 1 c. starter mix into each 1 quart ziplock bag.  And then follow the directions (poem) for Amish Friendship Bread.

Tho' it may seem kind of small, this simple bag of dough,
It's really like true friendship that with time will grow.
Keep it somewhere warm, and squish it every day,
Until you wish to share it with friends a long your way.
Then just add 1 c. each of flour, sugar, and water.
Stir and mix it all about until you have smooth batter.
Measure 1 c. each into quart zip bags,
Give them to friends you know--don't forget the tags.
But if you let a week go by, and do not share at all,
This simple dough, like friendship, will ferment and spoil.
So let this dough remind you, this lesson be not spared,
Friendship can never grow if it is never shared!

Friendship Bread
1/2 c. starter
1/2 c. oil
2/3 c. sugar
2 eggs, well beaten
1 t. vanilla
1 1/2 c. flour
2 t. baking powder
1 t. cinnamon
1 pkg instant vanilla pudding

In a large bowl, stir the starter, oil, sugar, eggs, and vanilla until well blended.  In a different bowl, stir together all of the remaining ingredients.  Add to the "wet" and mix/ beat until smooth.  Pour into 2 greased loaf pans.  Bake at 350*F for 30-40 minutes (toothpick test).  Cool for 10-15 minutes in pan then on cooling rack.  Enjoy! :)

For your information: I ended up throwing away the starter bag sitting on the counter.  It was beginning to separate and look weird and smell really bad.  Apparently--like the poem suggests--it doesn't last super long.

Monday, March 12, 2012

25 Weeks

25 weeks, 3 days
Baby Bunny is the size of an eggplant.

  • Pretty sure I no longer have a "baby bump."  Totally look pregnant now....  I think the baby must have had a huge growth spurt in a short amount of time because it seems like one day I had a bump and the next a whole entire belly. ;)
  • Finished my school t-shirt reconstruction!  And I made one nursing cover.  I think I'm still going to make a second nursing cover but for now at least there is one.  My next baby project is a car seat cover.  I have the *cutest* fabric for it.  I just need to find a second coordinating fabric for the bottom.
  • {Knock on Wood... but...} sleeping is going fairly well at the moment.  I love my princess bed!  And I figured out how to use a body pillow to my advantage instead of annoyance.  There have been a few not so great of nights but those were mostly because I was hot.  Please weather, don't warm up too much because me and heat are not really going to get a long super well this year.
  • I feel like I waddle now when I walk.  The waddling is the worst when I first stand up and start moving around.  I wonder if I look totally awkward to other people or if it is just more me feeling that way.
  • Supposedly it is common for feet to swell a crazy amount.  So far I feel super blessed because from what I can tell, they look exactly the same.  {Again with the knock on wood thing...}  And, if anything my fingers seem slightly smaller on my left hand and the exact same on my right.  Not sure how my wedding ring is getting looser at the moment, but I'm not complaining either. :)
  • It hit me that I only have less than 15 weeks left.  And, I'm really hoping he decides to come early! :)  Um, what?!  The hitting was in a good way.  There are so many things to have done before the baby comes but there will always be things to do so I'm not going to stress it and if my list doesn't get accomplished, Baby Bunny won't care if he comes home to the perfect nursery.  I can keep working on it after the fact.
  • Baby Bunny has wiggle times and sleep times.  I can predict when the moving will be and he is normally fairly accurate.  Daylight savings time confused him a bit today.  He wanted to sing with me while we sang in stake choir and would move a ton.  That made singing  interesting--if my voice all of the sudden sounded like the wind was knocked out of me, it probably was.
  • Finally, I have concluded it tis the season to be pregnant.  There are 4 teachers and 1 wife of a teacher pregnant at my school and 7 sisters in my ward (counting myself in both of the statistics).  And countless number of my friends and people on facebook.  At least Baby Bunny will grow up with lots of playmates and friends!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two Minutes

Two minutes. There are several things I have learned how to do in two minutes this year while teaching. Like running up to the office, getting something and being back in my class, going to the bathroom, taking a power break, etc.

I had a whole new two minute experience today.

We are in the cooking lab making taco soup and pineapple salsa. My district mentor is in there observing me. Everything was going great! The students were on task, everyone was working together and staying in their assigned kitchens. Everything appeared to be going smoothe and so my mentor left.

I'm pretty sure she had only been gone a few minutes before my real two minute lesson started. If only she could have stayed to see what I really deal with... Actually if only she could have stayed to help me figure out how to face everything....

I was walking around the lab and I see a student biting another kid on the shoulder. Um, I seriously have zero idea what to do. Definitely had no classes on biting and have no clue what the consequence should be. I send biting student out to the hall so I can try to think for a moment and check out the other kid's shoulder. Luckily, the bite did not break through the skin and that kid was fine. (Thinking about it now, I probably should have figured out why the biting took place... But I way did not think of that in the moment.)

Meanwhile, about 10-15 seconds after I sent the biter to the hall and was looking at the bite mark, another group of kids come to me with an announcement that a kid in their kitchen is bleeding. Leave the shoulder bite kid, I go to my bleeding student. Apparently, my bleeding kid was hurt somehow from opening a can. Tell some other students to go get paper towels and have bleeding kid sit down, wrap it in paper towel, apply pressure and hold the finger above the head.

I still don't know what to do with the biter student and decide the office sounds like a great option at this point. I don't have time to figure it out because I have to be in the cooking lab helping and supervising and trying to now deal with another problem. I go out to the hall and tell my biter to go up to the office. Then I come back in and page the office on my "panic" button. Tell them that I just sent a student up for biting and I have another one in my classroom bleeding and I'm not sure what to do with either. They told me to send up the bleeding kid as well.

Done. I can handle sending people out of my room and then not having to deal with it. Bleeding kid walks to the office.

Just after my conversation with the intercom/ office ended, a different student comes up to me holding a wet dish towel to one eye and proceeds to tell me that the pepper must have shot juice into that eye because now it was burning. I have my pepper juice kid splash water into the eye trying to rinse it out. I would have helped this kid more but right about that same time, can opener kid comes back in the room. The bandaid covering the cut is totally soaked through with blood. I send can opener kid back to the office with instructions to have the office put something better on it that won't bleed through.

Back to pepper juice kid--I am wondering if the office wants to take another one of my students at this point. But the kid told me that it was no longer burning and everything felt fine with normal vision. Pepper juice kid stays.

Can opener kid returns again with a humongous white thing taped to the finger. I learned at this point that it was this kid's birthday. Lovely. But everything was dandy and the huge white covering was doing its job so it was back to the kitchen to help finish up the lab.

Sigh... All of this seriously happened in about two minutes--tops. Three major incidents. I think I handled them all well, especially considering I didn't know what to do with one of them.

Just when I was about to catch my breath, in walks the assistant principal and wants all of my biter student's stuff. Apparently biting is severe enough that you don't get to come back to class. The assistant principal also checks out the shoulder that was eaten but wasn't concerned about that kid. Off goes the assistant principal with the binder.

Luckily that wraps up all the events for the period. Life was back to normal. The students enjoyed the lab and then worked well together cleaning up.

I'm telling you two minutes is a long enough time to learn a major life lesson-- today I learned three. :)


Friday, March 2, 2012

He Loves Me Because...

1. Woke up early just so I would get up--even though he had no school today.

2. Made me lunch without me even having to ask him to do so.

3. Hid a love note in my lunch reminding me of our date for this evening.

4. Shoveled our apartment balcony, the balcony just below ours and two sets of stairs just so I would not have to walk in any snow while heading to the car.

5. The last words I hear this morning were "I love you forever Sweetie!"

6. Ordered a hard to find item for me on amazon. My package arrived today.

7. The first thing I heard when I got home was "I love you!" with a huge kiss and super long hug.

8. Took me out to our special restaurant! So many happy memories there! And it was great adding another one tonight.

9. Listened to me chatter practically non stop for a long portion of our date. There was so much I had to tell him that I just hadn't found time during the week to do so.

10. Read through a lot of pregnancy information with me from the insurance company. Most of it was deemed trash but we found a few papers of worth.

11. Made sure we read our scriptures together.

12. Will tuck me in shortly and sing me a lullabye.

100% certain I married the right person! He really is amazing and blesses my life so much! <3