Monday, March 12, 2012

25 Weeks

25 weeks, 3 days
Baby Bunny is the size of an eggplant.

  • Pretty sure I no longer have a "baby bump."  Totally look pregnant now....  I think the baby must have had a huge growth spurt in a short amount of time because it seems like one day I had a bump and the next a whole entire belly. ;)
  • Finished my school t-shirt reconstruction!  And I made one nursing cover.  I think I'm still going to make a second nursing cover but for now at least there is one.  My next baby project is a car seat cover.  I have the *cutest* fabric for it.  I just need to find a second coordinating fabric for the bottom.
  • {Knock on Wood... but...} sleeping is going fairly well at the moment.  I love my princess bed!  And I figured out how to use a body pillow to my advantage instead of annoyance.  There have been a few not so great of nights but those were mostly because I was hot.  Please weather, don't warm up too much because me and heat are not really going to get a long super well this year.
  • I feel like I waddle now when I walk.  The waddling is the worst when I first stand up and start moving around.  I wonder if I look totally awkward to other people or if it is just more me feeling that way.
  • Supposedly it is common for feet to swell a crazy amount.  So far I feel super blessed because from what I can tell, they look exactly the same.  {Again with the knock on wood thing...}  And, if anything my fingers seem slightly smaller on my left hand and the exact same on my right.  Not sure how my wedding ring is getting looser at the moment, but I'm not complaining either. :)
  • It hit me that I only have less than 15 weeks left.  And, I'm really hoping he decides to come early! :)  Um, what?!  The hitting was in a good way.  There are so many things to have done before the baby comes but there will always be things to do so I'm not going to stress it and if my list doesn't get accomplished, Baby Bunny won't care if he comes home to the perfect nursery.  I can keep working on it after the fact.
  • Baby Bunny has wiggle times and sleep times.  I can predict when the moving will be and he is normally fairly accurate.  Daylight savings time confused him a bit today.  He wanted to sing with me while we sang in stake choir and would move a ton.  That made singing  interesting--if my voice all of the sudden sounded like the wind was knocked out of me, it probably was.
  • Finally, I have concluded it tis the season to be pregnant.  There are 4 teachers and 1 wife of a teacher pregnant at my school and 7 sisters in my ward (counting myself in both of the statistics).  And countless number of my friends and people on facebook.  At least Baby Bunny will grow up with lots of playmates and friends!

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