Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brightened by the Teacher Fairy

Without making this post become a complaining fest, allow me just to say that school make up days are definitely NOT my favorite!  It is hard work on the teacher's part (and sometimes boring).

Today I was on a more boring assignment--crowd control.  I was stationed in the hallway to keep kids in rooms and not allow escapees.  Thrilling job.  I couldn't really do anything though because every 30 seconds or so, I would catch another kid and send them back to their room or keep them in the movie.  I thought I might be able to read on my iPad.  Wrong because it was constant asking kids where they were going and having them go back to where they belonged.

My long day found a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope.  Thank you so much Teacher Fairy for saving me from the constant hallway routine!!!  The violets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I'm excited to (hopefully) keep them alive and watch them grow! :)  And... AND, allow me just to say that the Cadbury Mini Eggs are my *FAVORITE*!!!  Seriously!  I do not like the normal Cadbury creme egg but these... well words can't express but... these are A.Mazing!  And exactly what I needed on a super long, babysitting type day.  Thank you Teacher Fairy for giving my day a little sparkle--it definitely did brighten my spirits!  (I was smiling and skipping around the hallway after that for a bit... LoL!)

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