Monday, March 19, 2012

Protecting Baby Bunny from the Mob

Baby Bunny almost got into a fight today. Wait... let me rephrase that. Baby Bunny almost got beat up today. I intervened and yelled at students. Allow me to explain the whole situation.

At my school, the last few days before the quarter ends, we have school wide make up days. All of the students that are passing all of their classes are given a wristband and then shuffled around to various activities. Tomorrow all of the wristband students will go on a field trip to a local indoor amusement park. It is a small facility but the kids are all super excited! However, if you are failing even one class, you get to spend the day in a computer lab working on making it up.

All of the teachers are stationed to random different places. Sometimes we are assigned to a specific labs to help with remediation and sometimes we are assigned to a reward activity. Today I was assigned to a reward and even better, I was assigned to my own classroom. I decided to make microwave cake for my reward activity. It was fast and easy. And I thought the students would enjoy it.

That was an understatement! I would only allow so many kids in my room at a time and then turn away the others telling them to come back on the next rotation. Well, they began to push and shove and fight there way through trying to get in. Even with two adults, and us trying to keep the herd of cows children in a line against the lockers, it was sometimes more chaotic than I could handle.

Right after lunch was the worst! The crowd of people was SO large outside my door there was no way to get them into a nice neat single file line. I tried to get them to back up so I could open the door. That worked for about as long as it takes to unlock the door and open it. And then... then they all started pushing and shoving each other as well as me.

The phrase "Mass Chaos" doesn't even do justice. The kids were pushing me and doing whatever they could to get in to make cake. Once I started getting pushed and Baby Bunny was in jeopardy of being attacked that is when I yelled at the students.

I demanded that everyone back up and stop pushing me. The hallway was super loud and no one could hear me so I shouted/ yelled again to get them to back up and stop pushing me. (Maybe I should have required that they stopped pushing everyone but at that point we were down to survival of the fittest and I was way more concerned about Baby Bunny being trampled and not so stressed about them.) I heard a kid shout that they just wanted to make sure they got in because my room filled up so fast and that they were not going to back up.


What do I do?!

I saw a different teacher walking by at that point and realized I could shout her name to help protect me. But then some girl spoke up. Who the girl is, I have no idea but she is for sure one of my favorite (mystery) students now.

She shouted at the herd to scoot back because I was pregnant and I needed room.

Everyone reluctantly retreated about 3 steps. Not much but enough space for Baby Bunny to be safe.

I continued to count off students until my room was full and then sent away several disappointed students to a different "craft" activity with the hope of maybe being able to make it in my room the next rotation.

Don't worry Baby Bunny, I will protect you!! Even if it is from a mob of students whom I mostly don't even know.


P.S. Another funny moment today... (not related to my mob experience). One girl walks up to me while everyone was cleaning. She asked for permission to touch my stomache.

Um, no but thanks for asking.

Why not? I want to say hi to the baby.

Uh, no. It's weird and I don't want to be touched.

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Becky said...

Holy scary! I would be yelling too... Dang kids! At least its nice they wanted to be in your room, but wow. I'm glad it all worked out in the end!