Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Student Comments

To be honest, I am not 100% sure as to what happened today. I have never had so many random off topic questions before.

With my 7th graders while talking about stress:
*One girl raises her hand, I call on her. "Are you Mormon?" Another student blurts out that she thought I was. I refocus the class and move on, avoiding the question.

*Later a boy at a different table, raises his hand but does not wait to be called on. "Ms. (teacher), are you married?" A different boy calls out before I even had time to understand the question let alone formulate an answer. "She obviously is duh--look at her finger!" First boy: "Why would I stare at teacher's fingers? That is just weird." I have to do everything in my power to not bust up laughing at their conversation. I simply told him I was and then brushed it off.

*While we were taking a stress test together, "Mrs. (teacher) are you taking this test honestly or just always marking no?" This time, no one answers for me but everyone wants to know the answer. BTW: the more Yeses you mark, the more stressed out you are. "I am taking it truthfully. I have learned to not be totally stressed out because the only thing I accomplish is adding more stress to my life." (I wanted to add 'I teach at a junior high school. You have to be a patient person in order to put up with all you guys put me through...' But I didn't. Probably for the best...)

With my 9th graders while cooking German Pancakes:
*"Mrs. (teacher) do you ever feel like you are going to fall forward because the baby weighs too much?" No.

*"Do you ever put your headphones on your stomache for the baby to listen to music?" No, I have not tried that. "Can we try it right now?" Um no, but thanks for asking.

*"Can you honestly feel the baby or is it just gas or wishful thinking?" It is definitely real and not just my imagination. "Can I feel him right now?" No, he is sleeping AND I am not a petting zoo.

With my 8th graders while teaching them about the requirements for their pillowcases:
*"You should make a pillow for your baby while we make ours so he will be comfy when he is born." I just ignored that comment because I didn't want to take the time to explain that babies don't sleep with pillows. I could already tell it would have been a long discussion.

The 7th grade comments were the best but they were all classic in their own way. I'm pretty sure the excitement of SPRING BREAK must have hit. We are all excited for no school next week. But I can only wonder what comments will come tomorrow as their attention span dwindles even more. :)


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