Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today, I will cherish...

1. My two challenging classes both behaving!

2. Finishing everything on my school to-do list during my prep. This never happens. The only reason it did today is because I was able to have someone help me type up several things that I already had written out.

3. Starting the wash when I left in the morning for work and coming home to find it all done. Thanks sweetheart for babysitting the washer and dryer!

4. Hairspray!! Seriously! Though not used how you would likely assume. One of my students accidentally got black ink all over my pale pink jacket. Thank you hair spray for removing ink stains!

5. Homemade Orange Julius. Oh. My. Yumminess! It tasted exactly like the real thing and was absolutely incredible. I can already predict the future-- Orange Julius is sure to be a frequent flyer on our menu!

6. My package arriving from FedEx. I can finally start making baby shower gifts!

7. Baby Bunny kicking like crazy because I won't feel it for too much longer. {However, I am very grateful that Baby Bunny listens to Daddy though and calms down when Casey tells him to be nice to Mommy!}


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"You say it best...

...when you say nothing at all."

Casey had a surprise waiting for me when I arrived home. A just because, no reason, I just love you forever surprise. I squealed with delight when I saw the lillies!

I'm so grateful to have such a sweet best friend! I make sure to count my blessings everyday and he is always at the top-- and normally counted twice! ;)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Going There {Today}

I think most people remember the primary song, "I Love to See the Temple."  It was definitely one of my favorites growing up because I always looked forward to being able to go the temple to be sealed to my best friend.  And one of the phrases, "I'm going there someday" seems to be plastered in every young child's bedroom with a picture of the temple--as a gentle reminder of the ultimate goal.  I know Baby Bunny will grow up seeing it!

Anyway, with my sister getting ready to serve her mission soon,  (She is going to the Texas, Fort Worth--Spanish Speaking.) she recently was able to attend the temple for the first time.  It was a wonderful experience for her and for me as well.  My mom was her "escort" but I was allowed to be her "second escort"!  A very sweet occurrence for me; one that I will always cherish! :)

I wanted to make something for her to remember her special day.  I decided to make a card that all of us at the temple could sign.  And inspiration struck!  I thought it would be so cute to use the phrase, "I'm going there someday!" just changed a little bit.  I have no idea if this already exists on pintrest--probably.  But I have banned myself from pintrest and don't have an account. (Maybe someday that will change but for now, I'm too busy and I have heard it is a huge time user and highly addicting!)  So, I'm excited to report this is totally an original idea!! :)  And you are welcome to borrow it for the next person you know going through the temple!  Also, for your information, we bought her some Downeast undershirts to go with-- the perfect present to make sure you are modest!

Outside of Card:
I found a picture of the temple I liked, traced it and then colored it in for light/ dark contrast.
I just free-handed the words but I think they turned out cute!
And a little ribbon never hurts! :)
Inside of Card:
Julie was no longer just going there "someday."
It was TODAY!!  And I wanted her to have something to remember it!
All Together:
Please ignore the slightly blurriness of the picture.
Of course we forgot a real camera but cell phones proved to be better than nothing! ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remembering the Olympics

So I know this is about from forever ago...  But better late than never right?! :)

Remember how I had the opportunity to listen to Derek Parra and actually hold his Gold Medal at an assembly? Well, later that same week, there were a lot of celebrations going on to remember the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics.  Casey and I went down town and enjoyed the sun (though still cold temperatures) and the festivities set up.

We make a great bobsled team! :)  {Truthfully being pregnant, I doubt I would have been a great partner--but basically I just love any time that we are a team!}

We are keepers of the flame!

Casey competed in the weight lifting competition.

And even being 22 weeks pregnant (at the time), I was able to compete in the competition as well.  {Yes the thing is fake. But surprisingly a lot heavier than I would have thought a fake bar to weigh.}

We both rocked the event so much that we tied for first place!!  The lovely (sarcasm...) banner across the bottom cuts off Baby Bunny.  Sad!  But we will just call it a three way tie. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discovered It

On Thursday March 22, the new City Creek Center mall opened in Downtown Salt Lake.  I was excited to go see it but did not want to face the crowd so we figured we would wait for a bit until the grand opening hype calmed down.

Well, we went downtown for a dear friend's reception on Friday the 23rd.  The reception center validated our parking for THREE hours and needless to say (thankfully) the guest line did not take that long to get through.  We had FREE parking now and decided to take advantage of it--City Creek crowds or not.

The advertising slogan for City Creek is using the "IT" in City and then putting words above or below it.  Casey and I definitely Discovered It!

I think one of the coolest things about this mall is that it can be both indoors or outdoors.  Outdoor malls are really catching on.  But lets remember that normally (though not this season) it snows all of winter and it is cold.  Um, outdoor malls are not so popular then.  This mall can be both though based on the sliding glass window/ ceiling.  I know this picture is slightly awkward but it was the best I could do to show the movable ceilings.

And there is a lot of water throughout this mall.  Seriously.  "Inside" there is a small creek.  If the roof were closed, this really would be all the way inside and I thought that was kind of cool.  This picture was taken on the second floor looking down.  Ignore all of the random people.  LoL!

Another water thing is this sweet fountain.  I know that fountains are common in malls but I thought this was neat based on the way it curved from side to side.  Definitely modern artsy.  Again, a great "people" shot.

The last water thing that we took a picture of was a different fountain.  And because it was basically dark by the time we had wandered over to this part of the mall, it is almost impossible to see the reason for this picture.  You can see the fountain directly in front of us.  And the Salt Lake Temple is off in the distance to the right.  (I'm impressed how bright the temple is and shows up when so dark.  I'm so grateful that the temple is a constant guide and with our eyes focused on it, we will make it safely back Home--even if everything else around us is dark.  Anyway...)  The pool of water directly in front of us, makes a straight line up to the water falls flowing from the Conference Center.  It is like the water from the Conference Center is flowing outward for all people to partake of.  Whether or not that was intentional that is what we got out of it! :)

Another cool part about the mall is that it is located on two sides of the street.  There is a glass walking overpass over the street to connect the sides.  I love that this picture has the temple (again) in the background.  But most of all, I LOVE how you can see both of our reflections (and even Baby Bunny's)!!! :D

The mall also had live entertainment.  There were several different bands/ soloists playing upbeat music throughout all of the mall.  I have no idea if this was just for the grand opening or a part of the "climate" they are trying to create.  But the best live entertainment was this lady.  We saw a few flower statues throughout the mall.  They kept their eyes closed (I think you would have to out of embarrassment!).  And I have never seen people just standing around staring at something for so long--myself included in that.  I don't know why it was so memorizing but trust me it was.  Occasionally the flower girl would move and change to a new position.  The rest of the night I kept telling Casey that I could never do that as a job!!  I could not stand still enough nor be able to keep my eyes closed and not smile while I felt everyone just gaping at me.  So grateful I have my degree and have a real job instead of a random job like flower girl while trying to pay for college while going through!

Oh and one last thing.  Did I mention there were crowds... EVERYWHERE?!  Because there were.  We saw so many people standing in lines, casually wandering in and out of stores, eating at the gigantic food court, carrying countless shopping bags, taking pictures, taking in the moment.  (What these people were lined up for, we never could figure out.  We saw one line trying to get into a chocolate store later.  But this line was long and as best I could tell, just standing in line to be in line. :) LoL!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!! {Love, Baby Bunny}

I wish Daddy could have been in the picture with us.  Mommy happened to be shopping at Walmart one time and the Easter Bunny was there.  By the time she would have gone home and picked Daddy up, my photo opportunity would have been lost because apparently the Easter Bunny was on a tight schedule.

I was so excited to for the chance to have my picture taken with the Easter Bunny that I was jumping and kicking all over the place.  Mommy told me to tell you that if I look a little lumpy in the picture it is because of all my movement.  Oops.  I told you I was excited though--maybe because we both share the name of Bunny right now. :)

Happy Easter my dear friends.  I'm excited to meet each of you in not too long of time!!

I hope we can each remember the real reason for Easter.  Mommy was telling me that this is her favorite holiday because of the wonderful gift of the Atonement and the Resurrection.  I have enjoyed listening to the stories of Jesus and His sacrifice for each of us.  He lives!  He loves me and I know He loves each of you too!!
Love, Baby Bunny

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Great Salt Lake

Please disregard the interesting hairstyle I happen to be fashioning!!  It was WINDY!

After General Conference on Sunday, we decided we needed to get out of the house.  The day before, we went on a walk and enjoyed the sunshine.  But Sunday was cold and windy.  So we went for a drive just to enjoy our time together.  We ended up out at Saltaire (which was closed).  We got out of the car long enough to walk from the parking lot to the edge of the lake, take a picture and then hurry back.  Oh and by the way, I know it is hard to tell from the picture the but the Great Salt Lake is low!  All the white stuff by our heads is not water but rather dried salt.  The edge of the water is clear up near the top of Casey's head.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome Tri Three {28 Weeks}

28 weeks, 5 days
Baby Bunny is the size of a Cabbage
Just realized I'm wearing the same shirt in this picture and the 25 week picture... 

  • I am officially in trimester THREE! :)
  • I'm starting to get out of breath really easily.  Whew.  I never thought that two flights of stairs could leave me so winded.  I am SO grateful that I am healthy though and lost so much weight before because I have no idea how I would survive the stairs with Baby Bunny and extra padding.
  • The car seat cover I decided to make is officially taking way longer than I thought.  I should have estimated better but oh well.  I already cut everything out and am making progress on it (slowly...).  I sure hope I love it when it is finished though because I am not making another! :)
  • Yesterday my big sewing project was fixing my Easter dress.  It is brand new and really cute but was too short.  It was close to being modest but I would not have felt comfortable.  So I added a ruffle to the bottom.  Stay tuned for our Easter picture!
  • I was working on making a baby registry.  Please don't go search for it yet online because it is still under major construction.  I need to go through and edit it.  I was making it online and had no idea which thing I would want so I just added everything to the list.  Pretty sure we don't need 4 pack and plays (or the like)... LoL!
  • My back has started hurting rather frequently.  I do back exercises every morning and am trying to walk regularly (seriously who knew walking could be so exhausting!).  And I love our heat pad.  That, my friends, equals back saver!
  • This probably sounds strange but I don't feel like I'm starving to death as often anymore.  I'm still eating/ snacking on a lot but I just don't feel hungry constantly.
  • We are still waiting to hear back from my glucose test results.  We are thinking everything went well--at least we are hoping!
  • {Knock on Wood} but my wedding ring and CTR ring still fit perfect.  Possibly have a little more room to spare.  And my feet seem to still be the same size.  I really don't think I have swollen very much.
  • I can now watch Baby Bunny move from the outside.  He moves, jabs, kicks, etc hard enough that I can watch it happen.  Casey has felt him karate chop me before and he was surprised at how hard and strong our little Baby Bunny is.  I'm not sure that I would say I'm used to it but kind of.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

...and what did I see?

POPCORN Popping!!

We live in a older but still nice neighborhood.  When this neighborhood was built, there must have been some trend to have these trees.  Or maybe people thought they were a bad home owner if they didn't have one of these trees.  Or maybe they were simply cheap or are weed trees and so they spread like crazy.  Who knows.  But to say that these trees are ALL over the place is not an exaggeration.  I love it though because they are gorgeous!!  I love seeing the beautiful white blossoms up and down every street we pass and out our front windows.  I hope the blossoms last for a good long while! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Speaking the Same Langauge

There are many times when I am placed in a situation where I have no clue what is being said. I can hear a conversation but don't understand a bit. The best example in my life right now is when my students speak in Spanish... sigh... I wish I understood that language! I also remember when I was first learning American Sign Langauge. I would study and practice for hours yet when faced with someone actually carrying on a conversation, I was totally lost. And I remember listening to my husband and dad speak in computer terms. Yup basically as clear as Greek to me.

And speaking in general terms, I have discovered that this is often what happens with Love Langages. (Remember this *awesome* FHE idea about Learning Your Love Language? Make sure to check it out and figure out what your love language is!) We were given a copy of the "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman on audio CD for our wedding.  We have listened to it several times and I still learn from it when I listen to it again.  Not to mention it is funny listening to author speak with a slight Southern drawl.

Anyway, there are 5 Love Languages. (1) Words of Affirmation--which basically means you like hearing love, compliments, etc.  (2) Quality Time--in general means you like being with the person to feel love. (3) Receiving Gifts--not to be confused with materialism but you like to get thoughtful sweet things. (4) Acts of Service--doing things either secretly or publicly to help someone else's burden. And (5) Physical Touch--pretty much this person is a touchy, feely, huggy person.

One spouse speaks/ understands/ feels/ shows love in the language he/ she speaks. And yet often times, the other spouse doesn't receive or even acknowledge the efforts of love because he/ she understands love completely different. Most people have to make a huge effort to show love to their spouse in the language they speak. And it is hard often times because you are not comfortable with his or her language.

Casey and I are not exactly on the same page but pretty close.  We are unusual.  My highest love language is Quality Time followed right behind by Physical Touch.  I simply love being together!  Yesterday, Casey had to take a test at UVU (he got 82%!! whoot,whoot!!) and I wanted to go with.  I obviously could not go in the testing center with him but the hour car ride down and back we could be together.  It was a way that I could choose to be with him or I could choose to stay home.  I, of course, chose him because there was nothing else I had to do at home.  And, when we are together, I love holding hands, having his arm around me, sitting so close that our sides are touching, blowing kisses when he is across the room, etc.

But the best news is Casey's highest love language is Physical Touch followed immediately by Quality Time.  So when people see us together (which is often), they see us holding hands everywhere we go, giving about 3-4 goodbye kisses when we have to leave, trying to run errands together and then both pushing the basket, while riding in the car the passenger putting his/her hand on the driver's leg, etc.  Others look at us and comment "you guys still act like newlyweds" and it is our hope that we always will.  But that is how both of us feel loved--being together and being close!

I am curious to see if 10-20 years down the road our love languages change based on circumstances or if your love language stays the same regardless of what situations you are facing.... Only time can tell! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Touched by GC

I look forward to two weekends every year. It is consistent and I can always plan on which weekends will bring this excitement. Maybe I look forward to eating treats out of our 72 hour kit. Or maybe I look forward to eating monkey bread (it should be ready soon!). Or maybe one of the biggest things I look forward to is staying up late on Saturday night eating Casey's favorite treat as he reports all of his notes. {This year he picked pecan pie. I made pecan pie bars and they were SO yummy! :) And I loved hearing his Priesthood Session report too--can't wait until I can read/ listen to Pres. Uchtdorf's talk!} Or maybe I just look forward being able to spend the whole weekend together as a family.

Although I love all of these things, they are definitely not the reason I look forward to General Conference so much! I love being able to hear messages that are intended for people of this time. I love knowing that these people speaking are really called of God and truly are inspired. I love finding tiny insights from listening to the talks of something I could use in my life. I love hearing answers to prayers. I love feeling the spirit testify that what is spoken is true.

I look forward to listening to conference over and over again as I drive. I am excited to be able to download the talks sooner now, instead of just having to wait to for the Ensign next month. I can't wait to make these words spoken become part of my life and part of who I am.

Yesterday as we were watching from our home, Casey had to go retrieve the box of Kleenexes. We will just blame that on pregnancy hormones because I don't ever remember crying during conference before. But I was so touched. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I can't wait for even more spiritual nourishment today! :)