Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discovered It

On Thursday March 22, the new City Creek Center mall opened in Downtown Salt Lake.  I was excited to go see it but did not want to face the crowd so we figured we would wait for a bit until the grand opening hype calmed down.

Well, we went downtown for a dear friend's reception on Friday the 23rd.  The reception center validated our parking for THREE hours and needless to say (thankfully) the guest line did not take that long to get through.  We had FREE parking now and decided to take advantage of it--City Creek crowds or not.

The advertising slogan for City Creek is using the "IT" in City and then putting words above or below it.  Casey and I definitely Discovered It!

I think one of the coolest things about this mall is that it can be both indoors or outdoors.  Outdoor malls are really catching on.  But lets remember that normally (though not this season) it snows all of winter and it is cold.  Um, outdoor malls are not so popular then.  This mall can be both though based on the sliding glass window/ ceiling.  I know this picture is slightly awkward but it was the best I could do to show the movable ceilings.

And there is a lot of water throughout this mall.  Seriously.  "Inside" there is a small creek.  If the roof were closed, this really would be all the way inside and I thought that was kind of cool.  This picture was taken on the second floor looking down.  Ignore all of the random people.  LoL!

Another water thing is this sweet fountain.  I know that fountains are common in malls but I thought this was neat based on the way it curved from side to side.  Definitely modern artsy.  Again, a great "people" shot.

The last water thing that we took a picture of was a different fountain.  And because it was basically dark by the time we had wandered over to this part of the mall, it is almost impossible to see the reason for this picture.  You can see the fountain directly in front of us.  And the Salt Lake Temple is off in the distance to the right.  (I'm impressed how bright the temple is and shows up when so dark.  I'm so grateful that the temple is a constant guide and with our eyes focused on it, we will make it safely back Home--even if everything else around us is dark.  Anyway...)  The pool of water directly in front of us, makes a straight line up to the water falls flowing from the Conference Center.  It is like the water from the Conference Center is flowing outward for all people to partake of.  Whether or not that was intentional that is what we got out of it! :)

Another cool part about the mall is that it is located on two sides of the street.  There is a glass walking overpass over the street to connect the sides.  I love that this picture has the temple (again) in the background.  But most of all, I LOVE how you can see both of our reflections (and even Baby Bunny's)!!! :D

The mall also had live entertainment.  There were several different bands/ soloists playing upbeat music throughout all of the mall.  I have no idea if this was just for the grand opening or a part of the "climate" they are trying to create.  But the best live entertainment was this lady.  We saw a few flower statues throughout the mall.  They kept their eyes closed (I think you would have to out of embarrassment!).  And I have never seen people just standing around staring at something for so long--myself included in that.  I don't know why it was so memorizing but trust me it was.  Occasionally the flower girl would move and change to a new position.  The rest of the night I kept telling Casey that I could never do that as a job!!  I could not stand still enough nor be able to keep my eyes closed and not smile while I felt everyone just gaping at me.  So grateful I have my degree and have a real job instead of a random job like flower girl while trying to pay for college while going through!

Oh and one last thing.  Did I mention there were crowds... EVERYWHERE?!  Because there were.  We saw so many people standing in lines, casually wandering in and out of stores, eating at the gigantic food court, carrying countless shopping bags, taking pictures, taking in the moment.  (What these people were lined up for, we never could figure out.  We saw one line trying to get into a chocolate store later.  But this line was long and as best I could tell, just standing in line to be in line. :) LoL!)

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