Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today, I will cherish...

1. My two challenging classes both behaving!

2. Finishing everything on my school to-do list during my prep. This never happens. The only reason it did today is because I was able to have someone help me type up several things that I already had written out.

3. Starting the wash when I left in the morning for work and coming home to find it all done. Thanks sweetheart for babysitting the washer and dryer!

4. Hairspray!! Seriously! Though not used how you would likely assume. One of my students accidentally got black ink all over my pale pink jacket. Thank you hair spray for removing ink stains!

5. Homemade Orange Julius. Oh. My. Yumminess! It tasted exactly like the real thing and was absolutely incredible. I can already predict the future-- Orange Julius is sure to be a frequent flyer on our menu!

6. My package arriving from FedEx. I can finally start making baby shower gifts!

7. Baby Bunny kicking like crazy because I won't feel it for too much longer. {However, I am very grateful that Baby Bunny listens to Daddy though and calms down when Casey tells him to be nice to Mommy!}


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