Saturday, May 26, 2012

36 Weeks

I decided to dress up for our date.
Casey thought I was beautiful and decided to take a picture! :)
Then I decided we might as well take a 36 week picture while we were at it.
Baby Bunny is the size of a Large Cantaloupe.
This shirt really has a way of making me look pregnant!! :)
(Or maybe it is not just the shirt... LoL!)

  • So excited the beginning is so near.  I hear most people say they are excited for the end of pregnancy, but really, it is just the beginning of the rest of our lives.  I'm also kind of getting a little nervous.
  • We saw Baby Bunny on Thursday.  He is head down!!  The doctor thinks he looks really good and her guess is she will be a large kiddo.  I asked her if she could tell how much he weighed from the ultrasound and she said that it was totally inaccurate so they don't even bother with that.  (Funny because one of my friends has been having routine ultra sounds because she is high risk and they have been telling her how much her baby weighed the whole time.  I talked to her about it and she said she was recently told that it is only 33% accurate....)
  • We have another ultrasound scheduled next week with the actual ultra sound people--not just the in office thing we had with the doctor.  My fluid level was questionable.  Moral of that story--I have to drink water like we are preparing for a drought. :)
  • Only 4 more days of school left!  Yipee!!  I'm so grateful that I will have some time to myself to rest and prepare before Baby Bunny's birthday.  But I am beyond thrilled that it is 4 more days total, not just until the end of the year.  I'm so eager and excited and happy to be a full time mommy next year!!!  We are going to go on walks and go to story time at the library and I will actually have time to make dinner and I get to teach Baby Bunny in ways that are pleasing unto Heavenly Father instead of hoping a stranger at the daycare would.  (I know it will be hard and tiring too--but I'm willing to face it and learn from it!)
  • I finished making two nursing covers!  The best part about making something is that I can make it have special features.  Both of mine have little extras, which I already predict I will love when I'm using them.  I will have to post pictures!
  • I am now working on making a "Rings Sling."  I was tempted to just order one online to save time but when I saw the cost, I decided I would pay myself with the savings!  My total cost is about $22 (still sort of pricey).  The cheapest I could find it online was for about $80 plus a huge shipping fee.  I can't finish this yet though because I ordered the rings and they are somewhere in the mail right now.
  • My next project is making binky clip/ holder things and some more baby ties.
  • The nursery is almost ready.  Still need to sort and organize and decorate a little.  (Goals for today.)  We also need to pack the hospital bag, setup the pack'n'play for our room (which requires rearranging our room), register for the hospital, choose a pediatrician, (the list goes on...).  Still a lot to do before Baby Bunny's Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you can return your stuff for the ring slings but I found these online for $40....

Lisa said...

Those slings intrigue me. They are the same basic idea as the sling I'm making but different too. The one I'm making is adjustable so either of us can wear it but those ones look like you have to have it measured to fit you. Plus I'm almost done with the sling! Thanks for the idea though!!! If you find other great baby deals, please share! :)

Anonymous said...

Just FYI I found a coupon code so you can get the sling for only about $15 not too shabby if you ask me - just type in Family2011 and you can get the sling for dirt cheap!!! I know you made one but who wouldn't want an extra one or a spare one if one is being washed!!