Monday, May 28, 2012

Featuring Modesty and Style

I finally took some pictures of the nursing covers (aka Baby Bunny's restaurants) I made. I think they cost around $4-5 each to make.

The best part about making it yourself though is that you can add little extras that make a huge difference! I researched a lot of the little extras people have added to nursing covers. Some added terry cloth to the corners to use as a drool rag. Um no thank you because I don't want to have to wash the nursing cover after every single feeding. That is what the burp cloths are for! I saw some that had pockets but I couldn't figure out why it would need a pocket. But I guess if I ever see how a pocket would be useful then I will go back and add one later.

My nursing covers' "little extras" include a small strap with velcro so I can roll it up and keep it neat in the diaper bag. The other little extra I added was a tie on each side of the cover that ties in the back. For the life of me, I could not figure out how I was going to keep the nursing cover... well... covering if Baby Bunny moved his little legs or arms at all. It seems like normal covers can be kicked right off. But problem solved! With the ties in back, the cover is now fairly secure and will stay put. I'm feeling ready for Baby Bunny Wiggle Worm! :)

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