Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goodbye Teacher Fairy

To My Favorite Teacher Fairy,

I will always cherish this first year of teaching and the light you brought to my life.

When I think back to the first week of school, I am grateful for the beautiful flowers you had delivered to me.  I assumed that all the first year teacher's had a Teacher Fairy and it was something nice my principal was doing for us.  Little did I know, at that point, that I was and am the only teacher blessed with a fairy.

And then there was my birthday!  I was so excited to have flowers for my birthday at school.  Casey was busy with his own school and did not have time to do anything for me during the day.  It would have just been an ordinary school day but you reminded me that I was important to someone.

I must give thanks for your special visiting in Thanksgiving.  I LOVE the adorable "Happy Harvest" decoration.  I'm excited for fall again so I can get this out and think of you.

Ooooh and then came Christmas.  You were able to share the magic of Christmas both in my classroom and at home.  The countdown was intense as I would go day after day to school just wishing it was already the break.  The wreath I had at school kept me in the Christmas spirit and made the countdown bearable.

That brings me to that difficult day in January when my car died and I sat crying in a parking lot waiting to be rescued.  And then trying to fight back the tears all day long at school.  The timing of the lavender oil (and other flavors) could not have come at a more needed time.  I doubt I would have slept very much that night but your huge tender mercy helped calm me.  I totally know that Heavenly Father must have inspired you that day--thank you for listening!

Next was the Purple Valentine.  That was SO, SOOO sweet and creative.  "Everything I love is red and baby bunny is blue so that meant a purple valentine for me."  Seriously, ADORABLE!

And the timing of the violets and mini chocolate eggs.  Um, definitely inspired.  Intervention days = tiring and boring!  But anything can be endured when a simple reminder lets me know that someone cares and is thinking about me.

Finally today.  I almost got teary eyed reading the poem as I reflected on this entire year that we have shared together.

Thank You Teacher Fairy!  Thank you most sincerely and kindly for bringing excitement to my first year of teaching.  Thank you for taking the time to care about me.  Thank you for making me feel like the most special teacher in the entire school--after all, no one else had a Teacher Fairy. ;)


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