Thursday, May 10, 2012

A HUGE Thank You!

Allow me to set the stage...

1st period -- Sewing. I like sewing but not with 7th graders because I spend the majority of my time trying to fix machines.

Advisory -- Ironing. Strange activity for advisory time but we were trying to iron on school logos to shirts for the students. It is part of the school wide service day. Needless to say we ruined one shirt.

Passing Time -- Fight starts right outside my room with two of my students.

2A -- The rest of my class wants to continue the fight inside my room. It took a lot to settle them down. Finally I get them mostly calm and we start sewing. This is seriously the most challenging class I have so take my sewing dislike and times it by 100 to equal a nightmare.

Now that the stage has been set... During the middle of 2nd, one of the secretaries walks in my room carrying Otter Pops with a poem (read below).

Seriously Teacher Fairy thank you!! Today was not a horrible day but it was such a sweet reminder. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!!! I feel so loved!

"No more pencils
No more books
No more students' dirty looks!

"Look who's made it one whole year.
Mrs. [Lisa], let's give a cheer!

"School's almost out,
My job is done,
Enjoy Otter Pops--
You and Baby Bun'.

"This school year sure has been swell.
Who I am, I'll never tell.
Knowing you smiled on days so rough
Was all I needed; it's thanks enough.

"Love, The Teacher Fairy"

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