Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Meaning of Baby Bunny

A few weeks ago as people kept asking me "Why 'Baby Bunny'?" at the baby shower, I realized maybe his name (for right now) needs some explaining.

When Casey and I were first married, we began experimenting with terms of endearment. I have never been a fan of "babe" or "baby" when speaking about my spouse (no offense if you like/ use either!). We would call each other Sweetheart a lot but the term was so over used.  Everyone has a sweetheart-- we needed something special!

Pretty soon we started calling each other Honey which evolved almost instantly to Honey Bunny. And it stuck. For just over two and a half years, Casey is my Honey Bunny and I am his.

When we found out we were pregnant, instead of just saying Baby we always referred to him (though we did not know it was a him then) as Baby Bunny.  It was an easy connection to Honey Bunny and a sweet reminder that we are a family.  It is a term of endearment....  We already love our Baby Bunny.  The term became a keeper as we were unable to decide on a name--we are waiting until Baby Bunny is born before we figure that out.

And now our darling son has more stuffed bunnies than any other animal.  Basically, bunnies are the only thing he has.  We might have to buy him a few other stuffed animals just so he grows up with some variety. :)  LoL!

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