Sunday, June 24, 2012

Worth 9,000 Words

If one picture is worth a thousand words than surely this must be NINE THOUSAND! :)  I hope you enjoy pictures of Devin from the first 15 days that he has filled our hearts with warmth and brought smiles to our faces.

Cute face in the hospital. June 9-- a few hours old.

First walk in his stroller. June 11-- 2 days old.
Playing games with Daddy. Devin loves to follow some black and white picture flash cards I made in one of my classes. He already "tracks" really well. June 17-- 8 days old.
I love this onsie! It says "Mommy's Little Guy." June 19-- 10 days old.

Devin has a belly button. His umbilical cord fell off! June 20-- 11 days old.
We gave up on swaddling Devin tight because he was too hot and would cry. This is how I normally find him sleeping with his hands wiggled out of the blanket and behind his head. June 24-- 15 days old.

Tummy time. Devin actually seems to enjoy it for the first few minutes. We play with him and he is beginning to reach out for his toys. June 24-- 15 days old.
Cuddle time with Daddy. June 24-- 15 days old.
Cuddle time with Mommy. June 24-- 15 days old.


Michelle Pearson said...

Little Devin is so precious! Congrats on the new addition! You look beautiful! I'm so happy for you Lisa :)

Becky said...

Yay for pictures! What a cutie! I love the picture of Devin in his stroller, he looks so itty bitty!

Covey and Shani Ogden said...

I love babies! Devin is super cute. Love his dark hair! :) Congrats!