Tuesday, July 3, 2012

23 Days

Today Devin is 23 days old. 3 weeks and 2 days. And he has spent about 6 of those days in hospitals.

Last night Casey fed him for about an hour and put him back down around 5 am. I had to wake him up around 8:30 to take his medicine-- he would have slept longer if I let him.

He has been smiling for several days but I almost caught it on "film" this morning. (see the post from earlier today).

It is now 2 pm. My 23 day old baby has been up the entire time except for maybe a couple of 5 minute cat naps. I think he might be tired and take a real nap soon.

From 8:30 until now, Devin has played with his jungle gym. (The picture shows his hand reaching out for one of the toys.) He has had several diaper changes. And one time after changing his diaper, I was holding him up above the changing table and bouncing him a bit. He learned to lock his legs and was supporting his own weight with my hands simply balancing him. (Casey had a difficult time getting a picture of this because Devin can only stand for a short time but he tried!) Devin is 23 DAYS old...

Dear Devin,
We love watching you grow and do new things and are amazed at the baby milestones you can do! But don't grow up too quickly, ok?! I love you being our little baby. You are no longer my itty bitty baby... just little baby now. It's ok to stay little for awhile.
Love Always, Mommy

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