Sunday, July 8, 2012

9 am Church

9 am Church is always early and requires planning in order to be on time.

When it was just the two of us though the planning was not so extensive! We would wake up between 7-8 and sometimes still have a hot breakfast. And we would always be on time.

Life has changed though. Introducing Devin. Devin changed everything! For the better of course but still totally different.

9 am church now means setting an alarm clock to go off at 6:20. And hearing that alarm sound way too soon when staying up until 1 am. 9 am church means detailed time scheduling. I had to wake up just 16 minutes after the sunrise so I would have time to quickly shower and snarf down a poppy seed muffin before I woke up my Baby Bunny. Although I can change his diaper lightning fast and even speedily maneuver his arms through the onsie maze, I can not make him eat any faster. I have tried but he is a slow eater.

9 am church means yawning. 9 am church means looking like a raccoon with dark circles under my eyes. 9 am church means taking the Sacrament and listening to my sister's farewell talk. 9 am church is totally worth it! :)

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