Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crying Over Spilt Milk

This story was too funny to not share! :)

Yesterday right before bed time, I was pumping milk. We have found that Devin eats faster with a bottle. Because he eats faster, he will eat more at the time. The ending result of the pumping/ bottle process: Devin sleeps at least 5 hours a night but normally around 6 and occasionally up to 7. Way worth it to give him a bottle once a day!! :)

Anyway back to the funny story, I was pumping and then going to pour my milk into a different bottle for Devin to eat from. But it spilled. I spilled several drops of milk on our couch. (Side note: our poor couch! It has already seen so much milk and spit up. And I can imagine that the spills on it are just beginning.)

Devin was totally content and in Daddy's arms. I apologized to Devin for spilling his milk. As soon as I had finished saying I was sorry, Devin let out a loud wail and cried a bit. It was as if he was sad about his milk because he wanted it to go in his tummy instead of the couch.

"It's ok Devin, don't cry over spilt milk!"

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