Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Devin's Data: ONE Month

Weight: not totally sure but I'm guessing 7 pounds 10 ounces. (He has an appointment later this week hence the reason for my exact guess.)

Height: 21 inches (yes, he has grown since birth! He was measured wrong when he was first born-- it was more like 20 inches a month ago)

Clothing Size: NB. But only the smaller newborn clothes. Some newborn onsies are still too big. He really needs size "newborn tall" if we want anything to fit on his long legs or big feet... but that isn't an option. He always wears hand mitts because he scratches and socks because his feet are cold.

Diaper Size: newborn. The first couple of weeks we had to fold it down and could have probably worn premie but we made do. And diapers are something he uses a lot of. Daddy has to change the diaper can liner bag every few days.

Milestones: he can hold his head up for short periods during tummy time and when we are holding him, he smiles and laughs, he can support his weight briefly on his legs, he follows things with his eyes really well, he definitely know my voice and Casey's too

Eating: the first few days of life we struggled to figure out nursing. It is generally going great now!! But it takes at least an hour because Devin is a slow eater. Daddy will feed him a bottle of pumped milk during the middle of the night. The bottle is normally around 3.5 ounces.

Sleeping: we feel so blessed with this!!! He has always slept for a long time and then eats for a long time. His pediatrician was concerned because he is not a normal newborn but he is gaining weight like normal so the doctor told us we should just count our blessings!! The first couple of weeks he would sleep for 3-4 hours. Now it is probably 4-5 hours at night (meaning only one night feeding normally). He sleeps at night with his hand mitts, socks, diaper and lightweight blanket in the pack'n'play in our room because he is too hot with any more clothing.

Communication: he rarely cries! Only if he is in extreme pain or starving. He is beginning to talk more. I love hearing his little stories. We can carry on conversations. ;) He normally baby babbles with aah, aah sounds to tell me he is hungry.

Likes: Playing with his black and white picture flash cards-- he is so good at tracking! Cuddling, going on walks, eating "sweeties" (aka sugar water) at the hospital, being tickled by Daddy

Dislikes: being swaddled because he gets too hot, taking baths because he gets too cold, having his nose suctioned

Nicknames: Baby Bunny, Little Love, Baby Devin

Most Memorable Moment(s): witnessing a miracle at Primary Children's hospital, celebrating his first Father's Day with matching ties, crying at the fireworks

Lisa's Favorite Part: I just love holding my little baby and knowing he is sealed to us forever!! And seeing him smile always warms my heart. I also love hearing how cute he is from everyone meet-- and I agree, he is adorable! ;)

Casey's Favorite Part: I love being a dad and being able to help Devin!

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