Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Biggest Loser: Season Two

18 months ago, I realized that I needed to make a change.
I could hardly move without facing exhaustion.
I struggled to get up off the floor.
I was determined to be healthy.
It was a SLOW process!
Some days I wanted to give up and say it wasn't worth the work.
But I knew it was.
And I knew I would regret it if I quit.
And change I did.
93 pounds!!

But I never reached my goal.
I wanted to live my life in the "healthy" or normal BMI.
Instead my Biggest Loser Challenge was interrupted.
And I wouldn't change that interruption for anything!!
Devin is absolutely amazing!
But I gained about 40 pounds.

(Note: this picture was at 36 weeks but I delivered at 38.)
I tried not to think about how much weight I was gaining.
I was eating healthy.
And limiting my sugar intake.
I decided I wanted a healthy baby.
I was willing to sacrifice my body for him.

Once Devin was born no clothes fit.
My maternity clothes were too big.
My fat clothes from last Jan. 2011 were too big.
My skinny clothes were too small.
It is still a struggle to find something to wear right now.
I have learned to love wearing belts.
Or at least appreciate having belts to hold my pants up.

6 weeks later, I lost about 20 pounds.
That is huge.
I was excited.
And so I have a starting place for season two.
I wish I had lost 40 pounds right now and all the baby weight.
But 20 is still good.
And I'm breastfeeding.
Supposedly that should help with trimming down.
We'll see.

This time, I'm going to finish what I started.
I AM going to reach a healthy BMI.
I AM going to train to run.
I AM looking forward to shopping in the regular sized clothes.

So please join with me as I embark on another journey.
I would love your support.
(Comments... hee,hee)
And loosing weight together.

Season Two: 
Here. I. Come!


Becky said...


I'm so in. I gained 45 pounds, and I've lost 22 so far. I know how you feel about nothing fitting. I actually caved and bought a couple pairs of shorts in my current size because I had nothing to wear!

Jonessa said...

I go to a zumba class every Tues. Thurs. @ 7:15p and Sat. @ 9:15a
If you're ever interested get in contact with me. It's at the JVA Club @ 5300 S. 3600 W.

Cassi said...

As I read about none of your clothes fitting, I kept thinking "I can relate". I put on my "normal" church clothes yesterday and I couldn't zip up my skirt all the way. I faked it by wearing a less fitted top, because I didn't want to wear my maternity skirts. I gained 45 pounds and lost 30 within 2 weeks, the majority of it was water. The rest I found on my bum and belly (Darn those delicious M&M Minis!).

I'm SO envious that you get to start working out again! I have 3 weeks until I get to start running and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I know that you're going to be successful in this because you've done it before. Be sure to keep your blog updated with stats and pictures, because it inspires the rest of us!