Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 month checkup

Devin is healthy and perfect in every way!! He is doing well with feeding and the statistics prove it. I under guessed his weight and height.

10 pounds 11 ounces {27%}
23.25 inches tall {63%}
14.8 inches head circumference {7%}

So I realized why everyone thinks he looks so tiny. Because his head is so small compared to his weight and especially his height. 7% to 63% is a rather drastic difference. But that 7% head of his is so smart and trying to learn about his world!!

And now I have a lethargic Baby Bunny. He did not like getting his shots. It took me a LONG time to calm him down afterwards and now he can't seem to stay awake. But so far, he doesn't seem to be in much pain and no fever. But he is just so groggy.

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Lisa said...

Written by: Jaron and Kellie Holt Family

{I had to edit the comment because it had our last name in it...}

"I think it runs in [Casey's] side of the family to have small heads. My Mother has a small head and I can fit into a kids hat.... Abigal is still under the 50% mark in her head size. Don't worry about it too much. I stressed over her head until I remembered that I have such a small one too!! :)"