Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Choosing Sam's

Recently my Costco card expired and we were debating whether or not we wanted to renew it. We then considered all of our options and wondered if we would like Sam's Club better. While walking around the county fair last Friday, Sam's Club had a booth. And well... let's just say that we were convinced and went with Sam's Club.

Here are the reasons...

1. Membership
Costco costs $55 to join per year. Sam's Club was $40 plus we were given a $20 gift card when we signed up.

2. Diapers
Costco does not carry the diapers we like and the smallest size there is 2 (or 1-2 for generic brand).  Sam's Club has Pampers and they start at size NB and go all the way up. We had to have my mom keep taking me to  Sam's Club so I could buy NB diapers for Devin. I think he used 3 or 4 boxes of NB plus several packages.

3. Canned Chicken
I don't like Costco's canned chicken. It has TONS of water. I do like  Sam's Club's canned chicken because it has WAY more meat. Once again, I would have to have my mom take me there to buy canned chicken.

4. Milk
Costco sells milk by the 2 gallons. That doesn't work for us because we drink different milks. (Me-skim. Casey- 1%. And someday Devin-whole.)  Sam's Club sells milk individually by the gallon. So we can both have the milk we want at a cheaper price.

5. Variety
Costco has a very limited selection.  Sam's Club has a much larger selection. My example with diapers-- Sam's Club has three different brands in every size but  Costco only has two brands starting at size 2.

Since we live close to both and they charge the same cost to print pictures (I use the photo lab a lot!), we didn't take those into consideration. I guarantee that if we lived extremely far away from one of them, we would have by default chosen the closer one.

And so the year of savings at Sam's begins...

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Jaron and Kellie Holt Family said...

That's a great thought. We're going to stick with costco most likely because the sams club is over 40 minutes away. I have thought about sams club though, but we can only buy Huggies because of Abby's allergies. I'm hoping that the next baby won't have the same problem, but I bet they will.... This is an awesome comparison and maybe someday we will switch. My mom has repeatedly taken me to costco because of diapers. She has one and at the time I didn't so I'm glad we made the choice to go costco because now I have one and she hasn't renewed hers yet so she comes with me!! I love going shopping with my mom and that's part of the reason we never got our own card before.