Friday, August 3, 2012

Week One

Season two week one was shaky. It was difficult. It was challenging. I struggled to eat healthy again. I was enjoying eating junk food and sweets all the time. (Which I know I shouldn't have been doing anyway...) And it is a tricky business to balance calories right now because I'm not sure how many calories I actually need with breastfeeding. Everything I read suggests a range-- not helpful when that range is such a huge difference!

I did however completely enjoy exercising gain! :) I started the couch to 10K program and it pushed me. But it felt good to be running/ brisk walking. And totally sweating while playing the wii. Devin is the best work out buddy! Either in the stroller or working out himself on the floor doing tummy time.

Anyway, it is small but it is a start!!

[-2 pounds]

P. S. The picture was taken yesterday at the top of Ensign Peak. I love the front pack carrier but it sure does add a lot of extra work to carry a baby with you!

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