Friday, August 24, 2012

Week ?

Lame excuse but the Wii doesn't work. Casey is hopefully going to look into it and trouble shoot/ give it tech support. I hope it and the biggest loser game can be recovered!! But anyway, we don't own a scale-- just the Wii board. And although I don't think I'm making any progress at loosing weight, it would be nice to know! :)

Goals until the Wii is fixed:
1. Exercise earlier in the day before I get distracted with a million other things and either go running or use workout DVDs.
2. Write "exercise" on my to-do list so even if few other things get crossed off because I'm spending the day taking care of Baby Bunny, I can remember that I did something great!
3. Make a list of why I want to do this and what I will gain from it. Then post the list where I can see it.
4. Limit my snacks to healthy choices. I do great normally eating healthy at meals but it is the in between stuff that kills.
5. (And most important!) Remember that I am a Daughter of God. He created me in His image and my body (though not perfect) truly is a gift!

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