Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Articles of Faith Puzzles

So I'm slightly torn with creating Reverent Bags.
I'm worried that Baby Bunny will think he has to have constant entertainment.
That is way not the point.
My goal with Reverent Bags is not merely to keep him occupied.
Occupied implies a need of constant entertainment and
going through withdrawals of not "playing" when he is a missionary.
My goal is to keep him engaged.
He is involved and {hopefully} listening.
I still maintain that I would never teach a class with nothing for the students to do.
Therefore, I don't want to attend Sacrament Meeting empty handed.
But at the same time...
I don't want to have so much stuff in the bag that he takes it for granted.
It is a balancing act.
I'm not sure how much "stuff" I will put in each bag.
Some things may rotate occasionally
or change as he gets older.


My first idea...

(It is not quite done yet--don't judge)
And everyone will LOVE this idea because it is so easy!

If you have a black and white printer (and maybe some card stock), you are in luck.
I found these Article of Faith Puzzles at sugardoodle, designed by Heather Baer.
I printed my puzzles out at 4 to a page because I want things to be small.
I know that big is easier for a young child but it is also waaaaaaaay more distracting to everyone around them and it won't fit as nicely into our Reverent Bags. Quarter scale it is.
I colored the puzzle pieces but not the "board game." Color makes everything way more exciting!

I still plan to cut out all the pieces and cut around on the square lines on the boards. Then I want to laminate the individual boards and all of the pieces. Lamination is not a must... but I'm hoping to make each project for our Reverent Bags ONCE and then they will last for many, MANY years to come. Also, when everything is cut into pieces, I plan to put everything into one ziplock bag. You could put each puzzle in its own bag (or envelope) and it would be easier but I figure having to hunt through all of the pieces, will help make the activity last longer. Then the Articles of Faith puzzles will be randomly assigned to a week (for example: put all of them in Reverent Bag Week 1).

And I realize that Devin will not understand the meaning of these when he first starts using them. So therefore, it is just like any ordinary puzzle, right?! Wrong. Eventually he will know the meaning and by that time, he will already be in the habit of only church activities at church. Besides, babies absorb WAY more than we give them credit {I think}. Maybe this will help him memorize the Articles of Faith at an early age. :)


Terri Arnesen said...

I understand why your worried about using something. I've felt the same way. I want Cicada to learn that church is a place to be with Heavenly Father, I know that kids have a hard time sitting for that long too. In my ward there are a lot of kids, and I see parents who do a great job, and then ones who let their kids run the halls screaming. I like your idea though, maybe I'll be trying something!!!

Spidergirl said...


I think to achieve that balance you'll have to do some trial-and-error & stay close to the Spirit :o) I know you'll do fine!!

Patrick, Adrienne, Isabella, & Makenzie said...

you'll DEF want a reverent bag, or whatever you name it, for the sacrament. that is when the noisy kids have the hardest time. it's the only time when it's basically quiet in there. and kids just need something to do. they're not going to listen to the speakers for real for years, so give them something gospel-related to get from sacrament meeting and teach them reverence at the same time. you'll figure it out once your little one gets bigger and when you have more kids. :)