Saturday, September 1, 2012


Saturdays are family days. At least that is the goal. But with Casey starting school and working, Saturday might quickly be filled with catching up and homework. Someday life as we know it will not be filled with paying tuition and expensive books and long hours studying. But until then, we sure are going to find joy in the journey! :)

We took Baby Bunny to Brighton a week ago to walk around Silver Lake. We thought it would be a good walk for the stroller because the hike had a boardwalk the whole way. Note to anyone with the same brilliant idea: Baby Bunny went uh-uh-uh-uh the entire way around the lake. Boardwalk is made of slats and is way different than sidewalk. It was extremely bumpy. Live and learn.

Devin was awake and happy for most of the picnic and walk despite the obnoxious wheel bumping along every slat.

He rode in the stroller without the car seat. This was a first. We saw two moose, some ducks up close, several chipmunks/ squirrels, one of my former (pill) student and a former co counselor from summer camp. We also remembered how fun it is to hold hands! I'm excited for someday when Baby Bunny will actually understand what we are doing and anxiously run the trail with his tiny legs and adorable itty bitty shoes! :)

My BEST friend!
What is this? Why are the straps done up so incredibly tight?
Tickle, Tickle...
Love how my hair is totally in his face.
But the best part is all three of us are smiling!! :)

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