Sunday, September 9, 2012

Devin's Data: THREE MONTHS

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Height: 23 1/2 inch

Clothing Size: he started wearing 0-3 near the end of August. His legs are just too long for NB.

Diaper Size: 1

Milestones: plays with his hands and often grasps them together. Holds on to toys. Has a huge noise vocabulary and uses multi syllables. Turns to look at loud noises/ bright lights. Sits well with support. Can roll in both directions. Is starting to teeth (He is crazy young for that!)

Eating: Mommy's milk and a lot of it. At least 7 ounces before bed from the bottle but sometimes up to 9. With teething though, he struggles to eat because it hurts. Poor baby!

Sleeping: we moved him to his own room the very end of August. He now sleeps soundly from around 9:45 until 6:30. Then eats quickly and back to sleep until 9 ish.

Communication: smiles a lot, esp at mommy and daddy. He is exploring his voice and makes all types of squeaks, squeals, grunts and cries-- we tell him his vocabulary is expanding. Some of the sounds healed have multiple syllables.

Likes: staring at his mobile as it plays the lullaby-- doesn't help him sleep but for sure entertains him. Sleeping with the white noise maker on in his own room. Smiles at daddy when he comes home from work. "Talking" to mommy throughout the day. Going on car rides-- he normally stays awake now and talks to us. Smiling after he spits up.

Dislikes: being by himself or when he feels I'm ignoring him. Cool milk--it has to be really warm to eat from the bottle. Milk that does not come out fast enough. The taste of his vitamin. Teething!!

Nicknames: Baby Bunny (I'm pretty sure the name is stuck for life)

Most Memorable Moment(s): both of us watching him roll over for the first time together-- too bad I didn't record it!

Hardest Part: hearing him cry and cry and cry and not knowing why and then he wants to just cuddle with me the whole time and I don't know if I should let him or put him down so he can learn to comfort himself. A teething baby sure is challenging but I love Tylenol and the teething tablets!

Lisa's Favorite Part: watching Devin smile when he hears my voice or when he smooshes his cheek against mine and we cuddle

Casey's Favorite Part: when Devin holds on to me

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