Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gospel Art Puzzles

Another idea to fill our Reverent Bags...
(Make sure you click the label "Reverent Bags" to see all of the ideas in one place.)

This idea is SO easy and so affordable. Yeah! :D
And I imagine that thousands of people have done this/ something similar.
I thought this was a great way to help Baby Bunny
become familiar with pictures that teach gospel themes.

First, I got an extra copy of the new Gospel Art Book.
(Pictured on the left. Ignore the sticky note on the top covering up our name...)
And then I literally flipped through the book and ripped pages out.
I honestly felt a little bad about ripping up the book.
But I kept reminding myself that this was an EXTRA copy.
And the entire reason I got another one was to make crafts with it.
And so I kept ripping pictures out.

Then I trimmed off all the extra paper.
(Just a note with this step... The pictures are all doubled sided.
Make sure while trimming off the blank paper on one side
that you are not accidentally cutting off the picture on the back side.)
And cut each picture in sixths. 
For a young Baby Bunny, I figured 6--double sided-- puzzle pieces was enough.
However once he is older, I will cut other pictures that have more pieces and various shapes.


I put each page into its own cheap envelope
and then put all of the envelopes into a larger manila envelope. 

I am not planning on laminating this. 
It is cheaper to just buy a new gospel art book if the pieces all die.
And, I only made about 5-6 puzzles right now.
When all of these puzzles are used and loved,
then I will just make new puzzles with different pictures.

And... by the way...
Hold on to your "craft" gospel art book.
I have some more ideas for how to use it.

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