Friday, October 12, 2012

4 Month Checkup

Devin did great at his 4 month checkup.
He loved telling our doctor stories and laughing together.
The doctor said he looked perfect in every way and is developing great!
That is always great news!! :)

He weighs 14 pounds 4 ounces.
(which is 14.33 pounds)
And he is clear up to the 39% for weight.
Considering he started at 5%, he is doing amazing.

He is 25.25 inches long.
And I'm not sure what percentile that is. 
He was measured wrong at his appointment.
From looking at his growth chart though, I would guess that he is around 75%.

His head is 16.4 inches.
Which is the 33%.
His head grew A LOT these past two months.
His circumference percentile has always been in single digits.
He has to have room for all of his brains.

And a few other things that I forgot to record his 4 month data sheet.
He cries every time I turn the blender on.
Any other loud appliance--totally fine.
Blender = screaming.

He has now tried 4 solid foods.
Rice Cereal mixed with Mommy's milk
(in that order)

So far he likes peaches best!!
He doesn't complain or spit them out at all.
Peas are another story.
And he doesn't like plain rice cereal anymore.
It has to be mixed with one of the two fruits he has tried.

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