Monday, December 10, 2012

Devin's Data: SIX months

Happy HALF Birthday Baby Bunny!!!

Weight: We will find out tomorrow. I guess 17 pounds.

Height: ?

Clothing Size: He wears a mix of 0-3 and 3-6. He would still be wearing only 0-3 except all of his warm clothes are bigger sizes. The 3-6 looks like he is swimming but the 0-3 is becoming a bit short on the length.

Diaper Size: 2

Milestones: Baby Bunny has stranger anxiety. He can sit without support and stand while holding onto something. He takes steps in place when I hold him by his hands. He associates "Mommy" with me. Devin can spin a complete circle in both directions on his tummy and roll from front to back and back to front consistently. He uses his spinning/ rolling to get things he wants and drags them to himself to chew on. Baby Bunny can hold his bottle by himself--but I always still hold it and him anyway. Milk time is our snuggle time! :)

Eating: Devin loves food! He nurses about 5 times during the day. He also eats two meals. Each meal he has about 10-12 ounces. No idea how he eats so much--he is still SO SKINNY!

Sleeping: He goes to bed normally around 9:30 and wakes up about 7 to 7:30. He will take a short nap mid morning, a long nap late afternoon, and a short nap right before bedtime.

Communication: Devin is a little chatterbox! He loves talking to me! He has also figured out how to buzz his lips and does so often. We are working on teaching the signs for "more," "all done," "food" and "milk." I think he recognizes the signs and knows what they mean but he hasn't signed them to us.

Likes: Devin loves cuddling with Mommy! He loves it when I hold him. He smiles the biggest when he sees Daddy come home from work. He enjoys playing with his Taggie and chew toys. He laughs when we play peak-a-boo. He enjoys exploring everything. Recently he became fascinated with his seat belt while in the high chair/ shopping carts and touches it constantly trying to figure how to get it off.

Dislikes: Devin cried while sitting on Santa's lap. He misses Mommy when we are apart. He gets frustrated when he can't reach something. He gets bored easily.

Nicknames: Mr. Devin. Wee One. Baby Bunny.

Most Memorable Moment(s): Devin's two bottom teeth broke the surface and are about half way in. He figured out how to walk while sitting in his walker and loves his independence! While riding in the shopping cart, he tries to figure out how to bust out by pulling himself to the bar I hold to push the cart. Devin and Mommy both had the stomach flu over Thanksgiving.

Hardest Part: Devin gets bored rather quickly and sometimes it is hard to keep him occupied.

Lisa's Favorite Part: Knowing that he misses me while I'm away and listening to him laugh after a bad day.

Casey's Favorite Part: Seeing him grin from ear to ear when I come home from work.

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