Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Moments...

1. Listening to music while I use the blender. He *hates* the blender!
2. Taggie--Devin loves slobbering all over this thing.
3. The bird vibrates if you pull it. Devin figured out how to pull it himself.
4. Baby Bunny playing with chewing Baby Jesus.
5. While riding in shopping carts, he figures out how to pull himself up to the front bar. When he is sitting normal in it, he can not even reach the first metal bar.
6. Devin was happily playing with the blocks behind his feet. He heard the heater turn on and turned himself around to check it out. Once the heater turned off, he turned around and continued playing with his blocks.

1. Helping mommy make Christmas cookies.
2. My little cuddle buddy! There are times when he does NOT want to be put down and I'm grateful for the sling I made!
3. I found him in his car seat asleep and cuddling with the blanket. It was just so cute!
4. Playing with Daddy on the floor.
5. Walking around downtown to see all of the Christmas festivities!
6. I'm wearing Devin in our front pack. This is how we stayed warm downtown once it became dark and cold!

1. This picture is kind of old. Notice how he doesn't have much hair. But he was playing with his mashed potatoes and totally enjoyed himself.
2. Stealing Mommy's waffle.
3. Devin also loves to chew on his hands
4. I can feed myself Mommy! (He loves the rolls I made!!)
5. I like using my sippy cup--all by myself!
6. Playing/ eating a biscuit.

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