Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Three Gifts of Christmas {tags}

I LOVE Christmas time. There truly is something magical in the air throughout the hustle and bustle. But I want to teach Devin the true meaning of Christmas. I want him to find his own testimony and to truly remember the reason for the season. With that said, I do love the warmth of Santa too and am so excited to have a little one believe. I remembered from some RS activity I went to a while ago how the parents would give their children gold, frankincense and myrrh each year--The Three Gifts of Christmas. I loved the idea and thought it would be the perfect way to remember Christ during presents.

There are a variety of ways to use the tags. You could have each parent and Santa use a tag. You could have them all be from Santa (and a couple could be in the stocking.) You could assign a tag to each sibling (if you had enough kids) and then they have to get a gift that they think would fit in that category for their sibling. I'm not totally sure how we are going to use them--I just know that somehow they will be used on the gifts. (And if you have already bought all of your Christmas gifts, my guess is that you could probably attach one of the tags to a gift because at least in my family growing up, we were getting things like this anyway.)

The gift of Usefulness (myrrh--was used as a medicine)
The gift of Meaning (frankincense--was used as a fragrance)
The gift of Wonder (gold...)

For the usefulness we will give him something he needs. (A few ideas: new clothes, coats, school supplies, hygiene stuff, etc)

For the meaning we will give him something that he will cherish. (Ideas: something homemade, something spiritual, a journal, a book, a blanket)

For the wonder we will give him something he wants or something that he is not expecting. (This really is wide open. Either make it something that he has been asking for. Or make is something he is totally not expecting.)

Simply print off the tag and attach it to the correct gift! :)


Spencer and Julie said...

LISA, this is such a cute idea! How are you? Miss our lunch time. Hope all is well in mommy land! Devin is a CUTIE. Love Julie

Anonymous said...

I actually learned something really cool in church once-the three gifts were symbolic. Gold was given because he is our king. Frankincense was given because it was an incense used in temple ceremonies and He is the leader of the church. Myrrh was given because it was a spice used in burial rites and He would conquer death. Thought you might like that :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie! Life is going great!! How are you? I miss seeing you too! :)

And I love the symbols of the gifts. Thank you whoever shared that!! I'm going to remember that and teach it to Devin! THANKS! :D