Friday, January 11, 2013

Devin's Data SEVEN Months

The typical monthly picture... with the domino of 7 on the bunny's ear
How the photo shoot really went...
He had a very hard time laying still when he just wanted to play with the dominoes!

Weight: around 19 pounds

Height: ?

Clothing Size: Mostly 3-6 months. He can still fit in the 0-3 but it is a bit tight and short on his legs.

Diaper Size: 2

Milestones: Crawls, walks while holding onto our fingers, likes peek-a-boo, picks things up with his "pincer" grasp--but he needs to keep working on that as well, drinks from a sippy cup

Eating: He has 3 meals a day and eats a combination of homemade baby food and whatever I'm eating. He eats about 12-14 T. at each meal. He also nurses about 4-5 times a day. He drinks from a sippy cup at each meal and sometimes will refuse to eat more until after he has a drink.

Sleeping: Goes to bed about 9:30 and sleeps until 8:30(ish). Then takes a morning nap for about 45 minutes, an afternoon nap for an hour and a half to two hours, and a short cat nap in the evening.

Communication: He can definitely communicate! If I ask him a yes or no question (ex: do you want...?) then he gets very excited and squeals/ pants if he wants it. If he doesn't want it, he will shake his head no. (I have don't know how he learned "no" because I never taught him it. I like that he can communicate but I was hoping to avoid no for awhile.) He also has several cries that I generally understand.

Likes: Playing with wrapping paper and bows, toys that make noise and toys that have wheels--like cars, the freedom of being able to move, exploring everything, playing with all the electrical cords, putting his binky in himself, knocking over a block tower, turning the pages in a book while I read to him

Dislikes: getting stuck or not knowing how to move from a sitting position. (If I sit him on the floor, he feels stuck and won't try to lay down so he can then crawl.)

Nicknames: Mr. Devin, Baby Bunny

Most Memorable Moment(s): watching him crawl for the first time. He pushed his purple elephant car around and made his way over to the Christmas tree (the day after Christmas). Taking him up to Primary's Medical Center (again...) during the middle of the night. We were released a few hours later

Hardest Part: Having to baby proof everything--he wants to play with everything he shouldn't

Lisa's Favorite Part: When Devin is in the middle of the floor and I am able to convince him to come to me. I love it when he comes to me! I also love it when I see him smile! I can normally get him to smile or laugh fairly easily and it makes everything better!!! :)

Casey's Favorite Part: Watching him scoot around

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