Monday, January 28, 2013

Eye Opening Moments

So we met our real estate agent for first time on Saturday. We totally made the right choice. He is so kind and trustworthy. And definitely wants what is in our best interest. He was pointing out things that were wrong with the home--things that we should really consider before we buy-- instead of just trying to ignore them and push us to buy a home. So grateful for his integrity and knowledge!

I had an eye opening moment. This is not my interior design class. I know. That sounds kind of odd. But as we were looking at homes, I was looking at them from the perspective of a student and trying to figure out the principles and elements of every room. And while that is important, I can change it! I can make my home look and feel anyway I want. I realized that the perspective I need is to look at the house and see if I could really see myself living there. Can I see myself welcoming friends and family into the living room? Can I see myself waking up every morning in the master bedroom and cooking all of our meals in the kitchen? One of the houses we looked at was beautiful and I liked it because of that. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could never see myself living there. 

Another huge factor in finding our home... location. Not on a busy street. We looked at another house that I actually kind of liked and might have considered except it is right on the corner of a very busy street. We were concerned about Devin playing outside. And our realtor told us how this house would be hard to resell (and he wishes the people selling it good luck) because of it being right off the busy street. And... along with location is the school that the house feeds to. I don't want to buy a house that we are already planning on having Devin go on permit to a different school his entire school career. This requirement I think our realtor finds kind of funny but he is willing to work with it.

Finally, the last thing I learned from looking at homes on Saturday, I cannot be allergic to the house. One of the houses we looked at, that I liked, triggered my allergies. I was sneezing for seriously about an hour after we walked around it. As much as I liked the house, I decided there was absolutely no way that I was going to even consider it because I can definitely not see myself having drippy eyes and a runny nose everyday for the rest of my life. And yes, the house could probably be cleaned  and all would be well. But there is a chance that whatever bothered me would never go away-- even after a super deep clean. And I'm not willing to take that chance.

And so we will keep searching and waiting.


Tricia said...

Wanting to be in a good school is completely normal. I'm surprised your realtor thought it was an odd request.

Lisa said...

No he agrees about finding a good school. But I am SUPER picky. I researched all of the schools in the area we are hoping to buy. And then I gave him a list of schools that I'm not ok with. And I'm absolutely not flexible on my no list either.

Tricia said...

Oh okay. That's a good idea, not just worrying about the school district.