Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding an Agent

Next step...

Choosing a real estate agent.

Um... has anyone looked into finding a real estate agent before?? There are about a million people to choose from. Seriously. We know two people in our ward right now. I found out the one my brother worked with. I found countless online. We were suggested another one by our loan company.

How do you choose one?

I wanted someone that I could trust and feel comfortable with. Someone that knew what they were doing and made sure everything was filled out and signed completely accurate. I would really like someone that shares our religion. But how do you find out if someone is LDS or not simply from looking at pictures online and hearing their voice on the phone?

Casey asked his mom for a recommendation. She works in a real estate office. And... well... we went with her suggestion. I talked with him yesterday. He sounds amazing! And my mother-in-law knows him personally. So we know that we share the thing most important, our religion. And I'm sure whatever home we end up buying will be because it feels right. How do you explain that to someone who doesn't get it? But he gets it.

Our loan officer called and talked with him earlier this morning. The loan officer told me he was very impressed with our choice of real estate agent. Hopefully that is a good sign, right?!

We are going to meet our real estate agent tomorrow and look at some houses.

I'm so excited!! This is becoming more and more real. :)

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