Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Still For Him

When I started my biggest loser journey in January 2011, my motivation was complete for my unborn children. I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy. I did it for Baby Bunny. And my pregnancy went great!

Then I wanted to loose the baby fat and eventually reach my goal weight. I attempted in August 2012. And failed. A new baby changes everything. I was tired all the time. And starving the rest of the time. I always heard that you burn tons calories when you are nursing and I believed it. And I fell victim to that theory and gained weight instead of loosing it. I wasn't ready to change and so I quit trying.

Fast forward to December 2012 and I think I made almost every yummy holiday treat you could imagine. And ate several servings of each everyday. I mean after all... I'm nursing and burning extra calories so it didn't matter what I ate. Wrong. 

I realized I had to change though when all of the sudden carrying my baby up our two flights of stairs became a burden and left me out of breath. That was an eye opening moment because I was able to run up and down the stairs when I was NINE MONTHS pregnant and not get winded.

So I jumped back on the band wagon. And exercising for the past two weeks has been really hard. Our sleep schedule was confused when we stayed awake nearly the whole night at Primary's. And then my lovely insomnia kicked in and my body had no idea when to sleep because it was awake the night before. So instead of getting up and exercising, I slept. And then I got a cold. (I swear it came from the doctor's office when I had to take Devin for a follow up to the hospital. I am never touching any of their toys or books again!!) And once again, my body is struggling to get better and once again sleep overtook my exercise time. But despite my lack of exercise, I changed what I'm eating. Out went all of the insane amount of sugary treats and in came the healthy.

And then it hit me. This is still for him! My choice to live a healthy lifestyle runs much deeper than just pregnancy. It's still for Devin.

This season on the TV series, The Biggest Loser, they are featuring childhood obesity in attempts to fight it. And as they showed all of the families on Monday, it hit me even harder. This (my choosing to be healthy) will always be for my children as well as myself.

I created this photo collage from screen captures from the
"Cut the Junk" episode.
Seeing the children ambassadors' families reminded me why this is still for Baby Bunny. The children are not the only ones overweight in their families! If the parents are unhealthy and make unhealthy eating and exercise choices, the kids do as well. The only way to truly fight childhood obesity is to start with the parents!

I have to make the change so I can be healthy and chase Devin as he crawls. And carry him and the groceries up our lovely apartment stairs without dying. But most importantly, I have to make this permanent lifestyle change so Devin can eventually learn to be healthy himself by my example!

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Lisa Bradshaw said...

best of luck to you :o) Devin seems like pretty good motivation :o) I recently found out about an online program called Lose it! that I like a lot. It helps count calories and exercise. Not sure if you're interested in something like that but it's helping me :o)