Saturday, February 23, 2013

7 Hours Later...

After sitting through our 7 hour class, I learned a few things.

1. We absolutely have the BEST Real Estate Agent ever!!! Seriously. During the class, a realtor came and presented about 2 hours of the class. Not that anything was wrong with her, but the more she presented, the more I knew that I was grateful that we went with the one we did! Wow. Our realtor is absolutely Ah-Mazing!! And so patient with us. And so understanding. We have a very, VERY limited housing requirement list/ location. And he works with it-- not only that, he is supportive of it! 

2. We really want to have our real estate agent and our mortgage lender on the same page. It would be fantastic to have them be communicating with each other outside of us. Because of this (and a few other complications with our other lender) we are in the process of getting pre-approved again. We will meet with a new mortgage lender on Monday and go through the whole process again. It is to our advantage to have at least two choices of companies to go with then we can choose between them (probably which ever one gives us a better interest rate, has fewer fees and who we feel more comfortable with). The one we are going to on Monday works with our Realtor frequently. He recommended them to us. Perfect. I know that the two of them will be working together for our best interest because they already work together!

3. I was reminded of the importance of savings. I know. That sounds kind of silly because we are in the process of making the largest purchase of our lives. We are talking a 6 digit figure purchase. And all of the sudden we are talking about saving money. Its true though. And thankfully, we are really good about saving. But it was a great reminder.

4. We are one step closer to applying for the down payment assistance grant. :) And really, this was the only reason we were taking the class! We have to have the certificate of completion to attach to our grant application. However, we do not have our certificate yet. We have to go back for a one-on-one counseling session and then we will earn our certificate. 

And now the big question... would I recommend this class to others?

I have mixed feelings on the matter. Maybe. If you are applying for a housing grant, yes! Definitely. If you have struggled with money/ bankruptcy in the past, yes. If you are at the very beginning of the home buying process, yes. I felt like so much of the information was in the past for us because we are 2/3 through the housing buying circle. And I took a semester long class that taught this same thing at BYU. So most of the information, I already knew because of the class while a college student and because I have asked questions like crazy to find answers specific to buying a home.

If you live in Utah, I would at least look up the Community Development Corporation of Utah and consider looking into the class and some of their services. I would definitely look into it if you are a first time home buyer! So many people would qualify for the down payment assistance, they just don't know it is out there.

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