Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Blank Contract

A few days ago, I found a new listing around 7:30 am. I went with our agent to look at it around 1:30 pm. It was a brand new listing and by the time I saw it early in the afternoon, it already had one offer on it.

I couldn't believe it.

The house was listed for less than 6 hours and it had an offer. I was ok with that though because I didn't really like this house. But I learned a lot from this experience.

1. stalk the new listings like it is the only thing I have to do with my life
2. if I find a house I am interested in, text & call my agent like crazy until he answers (he is really good about responding... but he might be working with someone else)
3. drop everything else we are doing and go see the house immediately--and if that means taking a tired/ hungry/ fussy baby with me, so be it
4. if I like the house in person, place an offer on the house immediately--even before Casey has a chance to see it

Which brings me to...
I have our contract forms for buying a house! The only way that I can place an offer on a house without Casey being there, is to have him sign all of the forms now. And then I take our blank contract with me every time I go look at a house.

Requesting a blank contract turned out to be a huge tender mercy. It is 19 pages. NINETEEN pages of fairly small writing. And since neither of us will sign something without reading it --especially something like buying a house contract-- I'm really grateful that we can read it ahead of time. Can you imagine us sitting there reading 19 pages while we are anxiously trying to put the offer on the house?!


Tricia said...

Yeah, Jason and I signed and submitted a house offer once without reading the contract. We were kind of young and dumb back then. That's a great idea to have the contract paperwork ready ahead of time!

Becky said...

This gave me butterflies... You guys are SO CLOSE to owning a home!!! I know the right one is just waiting to be listed so you can scoop it up :)

And hopefully in the not too distant future, when we have our girls weekend, I can see it in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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