Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yesterday I was again looking at the new home listings. (Truthfully this is an every day, multiple times a day occurrence.) I found a house that I *really* liked but it was $40k over our limit and another one in the same neighborhood that was even more expensive. I emailed my agent about them anyway wondering if he thought there was anyway that the price would drop on either or if we could negotiate the people down lower. He doubted it. The housing market is terrible. And he recommended that I only look at houses in our price range so I won't get discouraged. And then he gave the most needed encouragement.

"If you were working too you'd be well into the price range of these two homes you've mentioned but you've made the better choice to raise your kids yourself.  We'll find you a good home.  Keep positive." 

We made the better choice--to have me be a mommy!! And I'm so grateful that our agent gets that. In a world that seems like two incomes are the way of life, it often becomes difficult to explain why I'm staying home. And his simple words of encouragement meant SO much to me.

That was yesterday.

Today has found its own source of encouragement.

Our agent was finally able to get in touch with the agent of the home that we put an offer on. The other guy (apparently) does not respond quickly.... But... Good news! Our offer is the primary offer! Meaning we are NUMBER ONE!!! YEAH! 

What being number one means....
First of all, we do not own the home yet--just thought I would clarify that up front. It means that the bank where the other people got their loan from will consider our offer. It means that we have to wait for up to 90 days until we hear back from their bank because it is a short sale. It means that their bank will send someone out to the house to see what it is worth and the market value of the home and compare that estimate to our offer. It means as my agent put it, "it is now our home to loose." I know.... that doesn't sound so encouraging. But really it is. Having the primary offer is huge in this housing market!

And it means that we keep praying that we will be able to find the home that is right for us. If this is that home, then we pray that their bank will accept our offer. And if this is not the right house, then we pray that we will find the one that is right for us.

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