Saturday, February 23, 2013

Headed Back to Class

I absolutely love school. And I miss my college days. I loved opening a new text book and flipping through it, trying to get a glimpse as to what I would be learning that semester. I loved the seeing my score at the testing center after I had studied extremely hard. And I especially loved meeting my husband on campus for a lunch date.

So I am pretty excited to relive my school days today.

Well. Sort of.

Casey and I are required to take a Home Buyers class in order to qualify for the grant. I have no idea what this class will be nor do we have any idea if it will be beneficial or not. I'm hoping it won't be a complete waste of time. But even if it is, I keep reminding myself that jumping through this hoop is a long term investment as the grant would greatly help us with our down payment. I do know that the class is designed for first time home buyers and I already know that there are about a million questions to ask when buying a home. So I am very hopeful that the class will provide valuable insight (and hopefully answer some of my questions or at least get me thinking so I can then know better what questions I should be asking).

Is it worth it? Would I recommend it? Was the housing class helpful in our home hunt? (Or did we sit and secretly play games?) I don't know yet but we are about to find out.

But I already know one wonderful thing about an all day class-- we get to be together!! The people presenting the class made it very clear that children were not allowed. So here is to enjoying our unchaperoned all day study date!! (Maybe we can even play footsie, hold hands and pass notes. Heeheehee.)

And we will definitely be enjoying a lunch date! Together. :) :) :)

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