Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our First Offer

Remember our blank contract? I had no idea we would use it so quickly! I checked the new listings last night before I went to bed. Nothing. I checked again this morning.

I about died.

I ran to get my phone and started texting our real estate agent. He didn't respond fast enough so Casey called him while I took a super fast shower. We had an appointment to go see the house at 10 am.

We get to the house first. And waited for our agent. While we were waiting, some other people drive up. And then another car. All of them go look at the house. I call our agent and about died again. How are there other people already looking at it?! My goal was to be first! We learned that they showed up without calling first and had no appointment. They just showed up. Grrrr.

I really like the house. It is not everything on my check list but the majority of things. And finding a house that meets nearly all of our criteria is hard to come by. Casey liked the house.

So we handed over our blank signed contract, dated everything, and then waited while our agent took to turn it in. It was turned in so....

We placed an offer on a home!!! And the best part about all of this is that WE placed the offer. Today is Saturday so Casey was home and we were able to go together! (And by the way... today is Baby Bunny's 8 month birthday. Expect his monthly data report soon-ish.)

 It is a short sale house so now it is a waiting game to see if their bank will accept our offer or not. And we still don't know if our offer is first or not. We are hoping it is. But we don't know.

I keep telling myself, "don't fall in love with it!" And I'm trying hard to not be too overly excited because we may not get the house at all. I remind myself how many millions of interviews and applications I had before I got my teaching job. This might be like that. Just the first one with several more to follow. But truthfully, I'm thrilled!

(And for the record, I will keep stalking the new listings and hope there are other houses that we like and can place offers on while we wait.)

Oh my gosh... this is so real... we are going to buy a house (and maybe sooner than later...)!!!  :)


Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I first saw your blog during your first weight loss journey. It really encouraged me and I have enjoyed your blog ever since.

I happen to be in the process of looking for our first home, too. Your posts have been really helpful. Where do you check for listings? Many of the websites I have used have turned out to be not very up to date. Good luck with the house!

Jonessa said...

I'm excited for your house hunting, but I want you to know that it doesn't matter if your offer was first or not. If someone else puts in a higher offer, the bank will take that. Or, they may request for a highest and best.
we always put in a few extra thousands over the requesting offer. It got our offers taken more seriously.
Just a little advice.