Friday, March 15, 2013

9 Month Check Up

Do you see that black cord that connects to the scale? Really this picture should have been taken with Devin yanking and chewing on it. It was quite the struggle to get him to not touch it. He LOVES cords!! It was so hard to get a semi-decent picture because he would roll over back to reach for the cord super fast.

Weight: 20.31 pounds (46%)
Height: 28.5 inches (apx 70%--it was mismeasured)
Head Circumference: 17.7 inches (41%)

Devin was having a super hard time sitting still on my lap waiting for the doctor to come. And I didn't want him touching or playing with any of the office's toys or books because last time we did that, we got sick from it. So he wiggled out of my lap and started pushing the stroller all over the little room. The doctor came in when Devin was cruising and he was impressed!

Devin is healthy and normal and doing great!! 

(The only concern is that he still spits up. Daily. Multiple times a day. But he is never in pain or cries when he spits up. Babies are supposed to grow out of the spitting phase by now. But our doctor didn't want to do anything to treat it yet because it doesn't hurt Devin. So that is on a watch for his year appointment. Hopefully he stops the spitting by then!)

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