Friday, March 22, 2013

A Housing Update

Wednesday was an eventful day in our home buying process. Long story short... we are still waiting and praying.

I found all of the forms and documentation required for the down payment assistance program then made an appointment to turn everything in. They city would not accept it because we are not actually under contract yet. I told him that our lender told us we had to turn it in as soon as we could.  He did, however, check to see that I had all of the correct forms and if not then I would know what to go find. Everything was there except having a contract on a house. He agreed to move our grant into priority status once we go under contract. Yeah! At least I made progress that day!! He assured me that he will be able to process our application in under 21 days instead of the normal 30-45 days. So although our grant has not been submitted, I made a huge step forward that day.

Later that day while I was making dinner, our real estate agent called me. Apparently the bank had looked at our First Offer. They neither accepted nor rejected our offer but instead wanted a new offer with the current date. My agent thought this was very strange so he called various brokers/ lenders/ other agents (I'm not sure who... But it seemed like several phone calls.) to ask what was going on and why the bank would be saying our offer was too old. The best he could figure out was that the people we are buying the house from did not date anything on the original offer. And therefore the bank wanted a current offer with dates on it. So we reprinted then signed the entire novel for our offer and gave it to our real estate agent. And now we are waiting. Again. It is like we are back to day one for the bank to begin reviewing our offer.

The only good news about waiting again is that hopefully we won't be moving right before/ during Casey's finals. We are trusting that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing and the home that is right for us will be available at the best time for us.

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